Breaking: 5 Soldiers Shot Dead

Reports out of Moscow note only that on Thursday January 27 “a member of the Ukrainian National Guard opened fire on fellow soldiers and killed five people.” The motive, they say, is “unclear.”

Five murdered soldiers

Four male soldiers and one female were killed in the overnight shooting, which took place around 4 a.m. at “a military plant in the south-eastern city of Dnipro.” It was a rocket factory. Another five people were injured.

The 20-year-old suspect, “a young conscript,” tried to escape. Artemiy Ryabchuk was tracked down and arrested “a few hours later.”

Doctors are fighting to save the injured soldiers, some in critical condition.

The assailant reportedlygrabbed an AK-47 and ammunition from the facility before opening fire.”

According to the Ukraine Interior Ministry, the rogue gunman “served on the National Guard of Ukraine.”

After shooting fellow soldiers, “fled the Southern Machine Building dressed in camouflage concealing the AK-47.”

Tensions high already

Tensions over the political struggle between Kiev and Moscow are nearing a breaking point as the Russians continue to build troops and send soldiers to camp out along the shared border.

While Vladimir Putin keeps denying any plans of invasion, the invasion still appears imminent. He claims Joe Biden is pushing him into it. From what Biden has been saying on TV, Vlad might be right.

With every word anyone says going under a media microscope, Ukraine officials aren’t saying much about the murdered soldiers other than it happened.

The New York Times is speculating that the timing suggests a connection to NATOs response to Russia’s list of demands.

They note that the Kremlin “was likely dissatisfied with the response because U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington reaffirmed its commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

Blinky doesn’t care as much about a terrorist killing soldiers in a rocket factory as much as ensuring nations like Ukraine have “the right” to “choose their own security arrangements and alliances.” Even if they have to push Putin into an invasion just to prove a point.

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