Joe Biden CAUGHT Falling Asleep At Commissioning Ceremony

Joe Biden CAUGHT Falling Asleep At…

Joe Biden and his wife attended a commissioning ceremony for the USS Delaware, a nuclear attack submarine. The public ceremony had been delayed for 2 years.

At the beginning, everything seemed to be fine, and each gave some opening remarks, but then came the part we were all waiting for: the moment when Joe screws everything up every single time he’s out in public.

The elderly president appeared to be falling asleep while still standing up. Of course, his handlers will claim he was just “resting his eyes,” but it appears that his brain waves short-circuited and lost a spark or two a few times while he was standing there saluting.

The WLT reporter observed:

Something went mysteriously wrong, around the 42-minute mark of the official White House video, the feed is cut and edited. Roughly 4 seconds later, Biden’s speech is abruptly cut, and it cuts to Jill Biden taking the podium…

This is odd, to say the least, but that’s not all…

I honestly can’t tell if he is falling asleep or attempting to be solemn in the video directly below, but later on he also appeared to be confused while walking off the stage, take a look:

Fox 13 had more on the delayed public commissioning of the U.S.S. Delaware:

In April 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic spreading across the United States, the Delaware was commissioned while underwater, a first for a Navy vessel. Since then it has been in training.

CNN focused their remarks on Jill Biden:

Biden officially christened the boat back in 2018, smashing a bottle of champagne across its bow during a ceremony at a Virginia shipyard, which Delaware Democratic Gov. John Carney fondly recounted on Saturday: “That bottle just exploded, it was something to behold.”

Biden was named the boat’s sponsor during a Pentagon ceremony announcing the future vessel’s name in 2012, when her husband was vice president.

Falling asleep while standing is an impressive thing, maybe for anyone other than the leader of the free world. God help us all.

Then, of course, some Twitter apologists came in to rescue the elderly president, immediately changing the narrative and claiming that the sun was bright that day and that’s why Biden’s eyes were closed.

But that isn’t the only time he fell asleep during an official gathering.

Here’s Joe Biden falling asleep while meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.


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