Joe Biden Makes His Biggest Mistake Yet, Accidentally Implicates Kamala

In a blunder, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made comments about the Constitution that backfired on his running mate’s anti-constitutional remarks.  

Mask Mandate Bringing Controversy

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to be an excuse for Democrat politicians to strip civil liberties from citizens, mask mandates are a controversial topic.

When talking about nationwide mandatory masking, Biden said he has respect for the Constitution and discussed a 2020 Democratic primary throwback.

In doing this, he inadvertently implicated his vice presidential pick, Senator Kamala Harris.

“There’s a question whether or not a president, under the Constitution, could mandate everyone wear a mask,” Biden said, the Washington Examiner reports.

“During the primary, I’d have a lot of people telling me, ‘I would by executive order do,’” continued Biden, cutting himself off mid-example in true Biden fashion. “I’m a Constitutionalist, you know, you can’t do things the Constitution doesn’t allow you the power to do.”

Biden Makes Another Blunder

In this case, the example provided by the former vice president implicates Harris who he has said should have full ability to take over the presidency from day one.

During the Democratic debate in September 2019, the moderator pushed Harris on her wanting to enact gun control executive actions and asked if she saw anything constitutionally wrong with that.

Biden was not in agreement with her position.

Harris laughed off the question and did not give any real answers: “Well, I mean, I would just say, ‘Hey Joe, instead of saying no we can’t, let’s say yes we can.’”

“Let’s be Constitutional,” Biden responded. “We got a Constitution.”

“And yes we can, because I’ll tell you something,” said Harris, facing the audience. “The way that I think about this is — I’ve seen more autopsy photographs than I’ll care to tell you. I have attended more police officer funerals than I care to tell you. I have hugged more mothers of homicide victims than I care to tell you.”

“And the idea that we would wait for this Congress, which has just done nothing to act, is just — it is overlooking the fact that every day in America our babies are going to school to have drills — elementary, middle, and high school students—where they are learning about how they have to hide in a closet or crouch in a corner if there is a masked shooter roaming the hallways of their school,” she said.

Democrats Will Do Anything for Votes

This event shows just how far Democrats will go to assume power and are willing to say anything and everything it takes to try and get votes.

Forget standards, as long as it buys votes, it appears Biden and Harris will conform their message to whatever suits them best at the moment.

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