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Joe Biden Just Flipped

Democrat nominee Joe Biden is changing his tune when it comes to shutting down the US economy because of COVID.

In a previous interview, Biden had told ABC news that he would let health experts make the decision on a shut down if it was recommended to him as president.

During a recent speech in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden seemed to change his mind. “There is going to be no need in my view, to be able to shut down the whole economy,” the former vice president said.


Trying to explain the change from his previous statements, Biden suggested that the original question was broad: “I got asked by David Muir a question if I was asked to shut everything down, I took that has a generic question, am I going to follow the science?”

Joe Biden then doubled down on his view that the only way to reboot the economy would be to get a handle on COVID, stating: “The idea that you’re going to be able to get the economy back on track without getting COVID under control is completely counterintuitive…unless we’re able to deal with the disease and drastically cut its impact on people’s confidence, being able to either go to work or walk into a business or do business, then it doesn’t matter.”

This highly unrealistic idea is parroted by many of the Democrats, thinking that there is some sort of government solution to COVID, and that they can’t give Americans their freedom back without finding some magical solution to the virus.


Since the middle of March, around 57 million Americans have filed for unemployment. This is directly due to the draconian lockdowns and the riots and looting that have closed businesses. The common theme of these job killing incidents is that Democrats have encouraged both.

President Trump has promised to return the economy to the record highs that his administration achieved pre-COVID.

In the end, the number one question for voters is: which candidate has the record to back up their claims?

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