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Biden Hit with ‘Deadly’ Shot – This Could Win Trump the Election

Over the last few months, CNN election analysts have been ringing the panic bell.

That bell just got a bit louder with recent polling.

Biden’s support among black voters has crashed, and Donald Trump is scooping up quite a bit of them.

Deadly Numbers

In a typical election, a Democrat presidential candidate will win about 90 percent of the black vote.

Biden, however, is now polling below 80 percent among black voters, which never happens.

Biden is also polling in the high 50s and low 60s in other minority groups, which is again unheard of in modern politics.

CNN data reporter Harry Enten stated, “It‘s a huge alarm. It‘s spiraling, it‘s ambulance, it‘s police sirens, it‘s any alarm you can think of.

“That should be what’s going off on the Democratic side.”

Trump does not need to actually win those votes, as long as most of them sit on the sidelines and do not vote for Biden.

If Trump is able to capture even 20 to 30 percent of the people leaving Joe Biden, this could put several blue states into the mix for Trump.

In fact, we have already seen his numbers in New York drop to single digits and Trump is now within five points of Biden in New Jersey, so both of these blue states are now in play.

If Trump can win either of them, especially in New York, the election is over.

However, even if Biden wins those states, but the races are tight, it will give Trump the popular vote, which we really need in this election to keep Dems mouths shut.

If Trump has an Electoral College landslide but fails to win the popular vote, we all know this will just fuel Democrats in their quest to abolish the Electoral College before the next election.

And if they do that, Republicans may never win another national election again.

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