WATCH: Don Lemon Suggests BLM Looting Was Okay Because…

Don Lemon appearing with Brianna Keilar demonstrated in a few words the gargantuan gulf that divides the hyper-elite wealthy leftists of the mainstream media from everyday Americans by downplaying the devastating damage to small and medium businesses and their families, inflicted throughout the summer of 2020 during the BLM/Antifa riots as minor compared to the minimal damage inflicted upon the Capitol Complex during the Jan. 6th riot. Throughout his soaring hyperbole about the risks to “democracy” and “our broken republic” Lemon flippantly compares the voting franchise to shoes in a shoe store. He’s callous, he’s condescending, he’s thoughtless. He’s Don Lemon of CNN.

Just listen to Lemon justify the riots and minimize how devastating loss of merchandise and property damage are to small businesses and the families that own them:

“There are many people who agree with the judge who conflates the two. They don’t see the difference between riots, where someone is breaking into a shoe store and looting, and a riot where you have people entering the Capitol while Congress is in session certifying an election,” said CNN host Brianna Keilar.


“One, a shoe can be replaced. And the vote is the value of a shoe,” Lemon began.

“I think the people who see the same, want to see the same, again, not operating in reality. And if you look at the reality check of what John said, if you look at the reality check of having George Floyd’s brother on and you see what’s happening in the New York City Police Department, you see what is happening all over the country, again, people see what they want to see and they allow their own racism to come to light. We see it. We get it. But you don’t want to see it and you don’t want to get it. So those who are saying that this is not systemic racism, there is no difference between those things, come on, you’re not working,” Lemon concluded.


Twenty-Five People Dead, Billions In Damage Compared By Lemon to “a Shoe”

Let’s talk about this Det. David Dorn, a little girl named Secoriea Turner, David “Yaya” McAtee killed defending his restaurant, so many, many lives lost in 180 days of lawlessness, violence, and arson across 140 cities that Lemon is eager to defend as “mostly peaceful” and necessary to ‘fight racism’.

According to Fox News, “The price tag could be as much as $2 billion and possibly more, according to Triple I. But the protests related to Floyd differ from others the database has tracked – never before have they been so widespread.”

The Capitol was damaged to the tune of about $30 million according to projections from the Capitol Architect, and a single woman, Ashli Babbitt was murdered by Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd, hers was the only non-accidental or medically related death. There is no comparison. Hundreds, potentially thousands of businesses lost which means the same count of families financially devastated, insurance policies with skyrocketing premiums almost NEVER make the owners whole, and at least 25 families forever wounded with the loss of a loved one. Comparing this to some smashed antiques, broken windows, and a gaggle of frightened politicians and mildly injured officers tells you everything that is wrong with our system today. The elites are completely disconnected from the reality the rest of us live every day.

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