2nd Iowa judge backs GOP, rules ballot requests invalid

Rouge officials sent out 57,000 pre-filled absentee ballot requests and a second Iowa judge has ruled these requests invalid.

Another Iowa Voter Ruling

Judge Patrick Tott is the second Iowa judge to side with President Trump’s campaign to order a county to reject 14,000 absentee ballot requests that have been returned thus far.

This Friday the decision was made that found that Woodbury County elections commissioner Patrick Gill acted improperly when he sent out close to 60,000 absentee ballot request forms with voters information already filled in.


Many GOP groups including the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee and the Iowa Republican Party have taken legal actions against three separate Iowa counties, KCCI reports. Their argument is in attempting to increase voting security.

Voter Fraud is Real

Voter fraud is a real concern for many who value election integrity.


Unfortunately, it appears that many Democrats are willing to remove integrity from the U.S. election cycles in order to further their agendas through mail-in-voting.

Commissioner Gill argued that he was just making it easier for people to apply for absentee ballots. However, the judge ruled it was in direct violation of an order from Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate who dictated blank forms be mailed to voters to establish statewide uniformity.

Ballot Request Cannot Be Pre-Filled

This current decision came just days after another judge ruled that a Linn County Democrat auditor violated the secretary of state’s ruling which ended in 50,000 pre-filled absentee ballot requests returned.

It is now put on county officials to communicate to voters their pre-filled ballot applications will not be processed. The voters can now resubmit appropriate forms or vote in-person on November 3.

A similar lawsuit is occurring in Johnson County.

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  1. It is becoming very clear that the Democrats were attempting a massive voter fraud. I’m certain a lot of it will happen, but even if no fraud were to take place, the Democrats have definitely succeeded in totally screwing up the election. Between sending ballots to dead and relocated people, sending ballots to people who didn’t request them, having mail men throwing ballots in drainage ditches, making it possible for people to get a mail-in ballot, but still being able to vote in person. We may never know who actually won when the election is over and ballots will still be processed well after the deadline for electors to meet. Pelosi should be convicted of a crime for the way she has single handedly messed up something our country has successfully done for over two hundred years. The little bitch has over and over claimed to be defending our Democracy and our Constitution and now she’s the one who will have killed it.

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