Jim Jordan Just Put the TRUTH Out There About Trump

It’s about time someone on the conservative side started getting the TRUTH out to the American public. Jim Jordan stood up once again for what’s right. The movie Democrats produced to entertain progressive Senators with didn’t tell the whole story.

Only half the truth

The Democrats don’t have any real grounds for impeachment so they turned to Hollywood. They put together a slick video propaganda presentation meant to convince undecided Senators to convict the former president, even though he’s no longer in office.

The problem is that the video only tells the part of the truth the Democrats want heard. “How does this unify the country? How does this bring the nation together?”


Focusing on the staged barbarian invasion of the Capitol Building on January 6, the Ohio Conservative got up on his soapbox Wednesday.

Imperialists, he pointed out, have “repeatedly stressed” Former President Donald Trump’s “fight like hell” remark at a rally held the morning of the false-flag event. Setting the truth aside, liberal imperialists charged Trump with “inciting an insurrection.”

The part that the imperialists don’t show in their impeachment infomercial is the part of Trump’s speech where he urged his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”


As Jordan makes crystal clear, that part of the truth “doesn’t seem to fit the Democrats’ narrative as they pursue a Trump conviction.” Not only that, last summer “Democrat members of the Congress said there needs to be more unrest in the streets, while there was unrest in the streets — and somehow that’s not incitement?”

The most important line

When the blue team was producing their video distraction extravaganza, they left some important footage laying on the cutting room floor. “The one line from the president’s speech that wasn’t in the Democrats’ video is the line that’s most important,” Jordan passionately argues.

The part that has the TRUTH in it. “That’s where the president said, ‘Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.'” He didn’t say go storm the Capitol Building, the Federal Bureau of Instigation was most likely in charge of that.

“They left that out,” Jordan notes. “Which I think kind of shows where the Democrats want to go with this and what they’ve been up to.” Hiding the truth like that makes it obvious that the globalists have been up to no good.

Then, there’s this whole post-constitutional, open borders, rule by imperial decree “open” society we have these days. It’s a lot like open marriages. Those never seem to work out as well as advertised. We had a Republic, and we liked it. But, we couldn’t keep it. “This is what Americans so despise,” Jordan empathizes. “What they mostly hate is the hypocrisy and the double standard that the elite in this town get to have.”

Now, the truth is such a dangerous thing it needs to be locked away and censored for the sake of openness and unity. “The First Amendment argument [made by Democrats against Trump] is very dangerous. The president is engaged in constitutionally protected speech,” Jordan asserts.

He also emphasizes that the President’s speech “is protected by the First Amendment, the very document that we take the oath to uphold.” It’s insanity to “try to impeach him for that.” This is exactly why there’s a wall around the Capitol to protect the politicians but, no, “we can’t secure the border to protect the country?”

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