Officials Grilled For Not Jailing Car Thieves After Mass Damage Event

With car thefts on the rise in Washington, D.C., people are finally beginning to notice the reason why. After a particularly noteworthy example of the crime, residents of our nation’s capital finally started asking questions. Sharply pointed ones.

Car thefts don’t count

One local car thief “was involved in a high-speed chase in a stolen truck and later in a stolen ambulance, which plowed into police cruisers and 13 vehicles, sending at least seven victims to the hospital needing medical care.

It turns out he was a repeat offender. Darell Caldwell should have been in jail for stealing cars, but wasn’t.

A fresh set of statistics confirms that there “are seven times more car thefts than carjackings in the nation’s capital.” There’s a startling reason for that. The crime simply “has not been added to the list of criminal offenses for local judges to hold thieves in jail until their trial date.

All the neighborhood joyriders know that. Ones like Caldwell. “He struck my cruiser once. He’s trying to strike it again. We’re trying to get him to stop,” scanner transcripts verify.

The 30-year-old car thief had most recently been arrested in April. That time, he “stole a Cadillac Escalade SUV and rammed into two parked cars.” That didn’t stop him.

When his stolen vehicle got stuck near train tracks, he was detained and arrested by police.” He was back out stealing cars with better success in only two days.

D.C. Criminal Code

You can blame the D.C. Criminal Code for the loophole in the law, the officials who wrote it shrug. A spokesperson for the D.C. Courts notes “if the theft of the car was for just stealing,” that isn’t really a crime to liberals. It’s “very likely” that the judge “would have no grounds to hold him.

One local resident, who happens to be an attorney, Denise Rucker Krepp suddenly got a clue. “4610 cars stolen to date this year in D.C. Maybe it’s time to update the law?

Once the District’s legislators all trickle back in to work after vacation, the “D.C. Council will be considering various measures to curb crime in the city.” Considering it and doing something which actually stops it are two entirely different things. Some say Mayor Muriel Bowser smokes more crack than Marion Barry.

That’s the only reason they can think of why her “Safer, Stronger D.C.” bill doesn’t list “car theft” as a crime “for judges to hold suspects in jail.” It will take someone boosting her ride before she notices. If not hers, because she probably gets chauffeured around, someone who can make her life miserable over it.

Meanwhile, all the smart individuals living inside that legal jurisdiction have gone out and equipped their ride with tracking devices. Then, made a trip to the gun store for more ammo.

If someone boosts their car, they aren’t going to wait for the police to get it back for them. There also won’t be a need to worry about bail, because the thief won’t be going anywhere ever again.

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