Roger Stone’s Handicapped Wife RUSHED to Hospital, AMBUSHED By Left Wing Terrorist

In the sick and twisted Democrat controlled world we live in, it’s not even safe to walk your dog, as Roger Stone’s wife Nydia learned on Thursday. Already handicapped from a serious dog bite, she was brutally ambushed and thrashed so badly by the “deranged leftist” that she had to be rushed to the hospital.

Wife of Roger Stone a target for terror

Reports from conservative outlets relate that “Roger Stone’s handicapped wife” was “beaten badly” by a “deranged leftist man while walking her dog in her own neighborhood.” At the time the post appeared on Telegram, she was in the hospital. A spokesperson for the Stone family, Reverend Randy Coggins, confirmed details of the vicious attack. “It is true that Nydia Stone was attacked by a leftist on a bicycle in front of their home.”

The Reverend also verified that “she was already convalescing from a very bad dog bite sustained the week before.” It wasn’t her own dog that bit her and the offending animal had been reported to Broward County animal control.


During the assault, the attacker’s blows “re-opened a gash in her knee which required a visit to the emergency room.” The doctors have declared, “her injury will require surgery.”

In these days of Covid-19, things like that take time to arrange. Thankfully, pending surgery, “she is home and doing fine.” She’s amazed “how many hundreds of thousands of people have inquired with their questions and offered their prayers.” Roger Stone and his family are grateful.

President Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone when the political operative was “railroaded” by deep state elements within our Department of Injustice. That will only get worse with the New World Order assuming control of the North American continent to make it one big open borders asylum state.


A war of “Biblical” proportion

Roger Stone wasn’t known for being a religious man but he reportedly had an awakening when he learned that the American way of life was threatened by evil of a “Biblical” proportion.

Regarding a meeting he had with Christian minister Franklin Graham, Stone noted that “his attempted railroading has caused him to become close to Jesus Christ and discover his faith.” He now believes that the forces of darkness fighting to destroy President Trump the Constitution are literally satanic.

“I really do believe that those who are trying to undo this president, those who are trying to destroy me, trying to destroy Michael Flynn, who’s a very good man and great American patriot war hero, I do believe they’re satanic.”

He was especially angered by their smugness. “what’s outrageous is their arrogance, their moral superiority, when in fact, they have no morals at all.” Archbishop Carlo Vigano totally agrees.

“The world in which we find ourselves living is in division. A split between reality and fiction with objective reality on one side, and the fiction of the media on the other,” The Archbishop wrote in November. The pandemic he insists, “has been used as a tool of social engineering.” The propaganda reached new heights with “the surreal American political situation.”

Everyone around the world can see, if they choose to look, that “the evidence of a colossal electoral fraud is being censored by the media, which now proclaims Joe Biden’s victory as an accomplished fact.” When the Vatican endorses the murder of babies, something is terribly wrong and Roger Stone concurs.

This is a battle of “Apocalyptic proportion” and Vigano wants every patriot to wake up. “By disdainfully rejecting this Biblical division of humanity, they have actually confirmed it, restricting to themselves alone the right to give the stamp of social, political, and religious legitimacy.”

Democrats can support killing babies but we’re supposed to just “get over it.” To win elections “they must always resort to deception and fraud – even fraud that is blatantly evident.”

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