Tensions Flare With Major U.S. Ally Thanks to Kamala Harris and Her RADICAL FAR LEFT Family

Tensions Flare With Major U.S. Ally Thanks to Kamala Harris and Her RADICAL FAR LEFT Family

Thanks to Kamala Harris’ radical far-left niece, Meena Harris, tensions are flaring between the United States and one of its major allies: India.

Democrat Family Members Love to Leverage Family Name for Their Own Interests

Meena Harris seems to be causing a lot of problems for the Biden administration on a weekly basis. It looks like Hunter Biden isn’t the only Democrat family member to try to use their family name for personal gain.

According to The Daily Wire, “Far-left activist Meena Harris has already caused issues for the new Biden administration surrounding her alleged attempts at ‘leveraging her relationship with her aunt’ to advance her own interests.”


Tensions With India

Kamala‘s niece “has waded into India’s internal politics surrounding protests sparked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent agricultural reforms. Her series of posts have helped provoke a backlash from the Indian government and some of its supporters, adding an unexpected wrinkle to India-U.S. relations just as Biden is seeking to engage with the country’s leaders,” Politico reported.

Tensions have begun to flare between the U.S. and India as Meena Harris was all over newspapers in India over the weekend. The media identified her not as an activist, but as Kamala’s niece.

Meena’s social media accounts have gained a significant number of followers since the election, and are “potentially complicating the Biden administration’s efforts to strengthen its relationship with India,” according to Politico. “Some in India have celebrated her activism while others denounced it as meddling in the country’s internal affairs.”


Meena’s Response

“I won’t be intimidated, and I won’t be silenced,” Meena tweeted in response to criticism that her actions are making things difficult for the Biden administration.

“Weird to see a photo of yourself burned by an extremist mob but imagine what they would do if we lived in India. I’ll tell you—23 yo labor rights activist Nodeep Kaur was arrested, tortured & sexually assaulted in police custody. She’s been detained without bail for over 20 days,” she wrote in another post.

“This isn’t just about agricultural policy. It’s also about the persecution of a vocal religious minority. It’s police violence, militant nationalism, and attacks on labor rights. It’s global authoritarianism. Don’t tell me to stay out of your affairs. These are all of our issues,” she added in a later tweet.

Meena Causes Problems for Joe and Kamala

“The Vice President and her family will uphold the highest ethical standards and it’s the White House’s policy that the Vice President’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities that could reasonably be understood to imply an endorsement or support,” Sabrina Singh, a spokesperson for Harris, said in a statement.

Apparently Singh was wrong. Meena Harris has already been a headache for the Biden administration for several reasons, most of which involve benefiting from her aunt’s position. The Daily Wire reported on the various issues with Meena earlier this year, including a report which said that the Biden administration was “worried” about Meena Harris “following the spirit of the rules.”

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