Whistleblowers Come Forward, Risk Everything to Reveal…

Two IRS whistleblowers, both investigators on Hunter Biden’s criminal tax case, with one of them being a supervisor, came forward to bravely testify about what they know to congress. Republicans took what they had to say seriously. Democrats covered their eyes and ears in horror, refusing to gaze on the truth, lest it burn their eyes out. It was sad to see the partisan attacks but they only proved the validity of the testimony. That’s because the TRUTH is such a powerful thing that it stands up to all attacks, all on its own.

IRS agents not political

Two brave IRS investigators risked everything to come forward and fill the public in on Biden family corruption and serious federal crimes. Ones which affect both election integrity and national security. Despite the seriousness of the allegations, the network propaganda outlets refuse to talk about any of it. They think ignoring the controversy will make it go away. It won’t.

As New York Post points out, there is “enormous power in the integrity of two ordinary men willing to stand up, show their faces and tell the truth under oath.” It’s a shame that the media and Democrats in Congress can’t see the truth displayed in front of their faces. Or worse, refuse to acknowledge it simply for partisan reasons.

Two “elite” IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, testified under oath in front of the House Oversight Committee on July 18, “about egregious wrongdoing at the highest levels of the Department of Justice.” Their supervisors and officials in the DOJ “obstructed and ultimately destroyed their five-year criminal investigation into Hunter Biden.

Meanwhile, the Post points out, “all the cowards in the IRS and DOJ and FBI have stayed silent about this Watergate-level coverup.” This one goes light years beyond Watergate. That was nothing but a third-rate burglary by comparison. At least Nixon did the right thing when faced with scandal and resigned.

The wheels have totally fallen off Joe’s claims that “he knows nothing about his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.” The day following the IRS agents’ testimony, Senator Charles Grassley released the nefarious FD-1023 form relating the tip handed to the FBI about the Bidens and a little Burisma bribery.

It turns out that not only did Joe accept a bribe, he extorted the owner of Burisma into paying it. That’s one of the things Christopher Wray was trying to hide from Congress. The FBI was officially on notice that Joe Biden was accused of extortion and apparently refused to even look into it.

A mountain of proof

The IRS witnesses detailed one solid piece of evidence after another at the hearing, after which Democrats demanded to know why they weren’t providing any proof. The evidence wasn’t convincing enough proof for them because they don’t want to see any wrongdoing by their fearless leader.

It’s amazing to watch them put party over the obvious truth of what they’re being shown. Not only did the witnesses lay out the case against Hunter and Joe Biden, they piled on some evidence that Joe was involved with Jim Biden’s influence peddling also.

Both Shapley and Ziegler testified that the IRS and FBI team in Delaware “spent five years investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings between 2014 and 2019.” All the way along, they were “warned by prosecutors not to pull on any string that led to Joe Biden.” Particularly, they “were not allowed to ask witnesses about the ‘Big Guy,‘ who has been identified as the former VP.

When they wanted a search warrant for “a cottage on Joe Biden’s property,” they were told no. “They were sabotaged in their efforts to search a storage unit of Hunter’s because a prosecutor tipped off his lawyers. They were not allowed to interview Joe Biden’s grandchildren who had received money that formed part of the tax investigation.

The IRS usually has all the power they need to put people in prison for tax and money laundering related crimes. Not this time. “They were not allowed access to the laptop, which the FBI had, and which contained a wealth of information that could have boosted their investigation.” Shapely and “and an FBI supervisory agent flew to California to interview Hunter in December 2020.” When they got there, it was too late. “They were sabotaged by someone at FBI headquarters who tipped off then president-elect Joe Biden’s transition team and the Secret Service.

Ziegler, the “gay democrat” who’s married to a man, spent five full years “painstakingly” following the Biden family money trail. He documented “$17.3 million from 2014 to 2019 in total foreign income streams through various shell companies to Hunter and associates.” What do they sell other than access to Joe Biden and his policy decisions? Nobody in the Biden family ever even tried to answer that question. At least, the Corleone Family had an olive oil business to point at as a revenue stream. All the Biden’s have is crackhead Hunter.

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