GOP Official Drops Elizabeth Warren BOMBSHELL

The GOP took aim at Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she made a comment about having her dog vote for Joe Biden – which led to the Republican National Committee Rapid Response Director accusing her of endorsing voter fraud.

GOP Calls Out Warren Over Joking About Voter Fraud

Steve Guest tweeted on July 16: “Elizabeth Warren endorses voter fraud, says her dog will be voting Democrat. Voter fraud is not a joking matter.”


The radical Democrat senator who attempted but failed to secure the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination said that her dog Bailey is “definitely going to vote in November, and he’s voting Democrat all the way.” She also cheered, “Bailey for Biden!”

Warren made the comments in a video clip while at a town hall on July 16 to a Biden senior campaign advisor, Symone Sanders.

In a tweet, Guest also links to an article from Fox5 Atlanta, where a family received a voter registration application by mistake for their dead cat.


Leftists Want to Win at Any Cost

Warren responded in an Instagram post the next day with a picture of her dog and the caption, “Bailey, were you really going to try to vote unlawfully?”


Thousands of leftist trolls, including celebrities, flooded social media with #Dogs4Biden. The Lincoln Project, which is run by Trump-hating RINOs, including counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway’s husband, endorsed the hashtag.

Washed up late-night host Stephen Colbert made a sarcastic infomercial with the song “Angel” sung by Sarah McLachlan – the song played over the famously sad shelter dog commercials.

“Hi, I’m Sarah McLachlan — will you be an angel for a helpless animal?” the satire informercial started. “Every day, dogs are being tempted to vote illegally because ballots are shoved into their mail slots. Dogs write in candidates like Senator Sniffbutt, and Governor Catmurderer. Right now, there’s an animal that needs you.”

President Trump Weighs In

According to The Hill, President Donald Trump discussed the matter and said, “Who are they sending them to? Nobody has any idea. They’re sending them to dogs. They actually have sent to dogs.”

President Trump and Americans have ample reason to be concerned about this. On several occasions, there have been voter registration forms sent to pets, and owners have attempted to register their dogs. One example was a form was sent to a deceased dog named Mozart in Virginia, and the Washington Post reported on many more instances of other pets across the United States receiving voting forms.

In 2019, a California man conducted an experiment by registering his four dogs and deceased father to vote. Well, it turns out his experiment showed just how easy it was to commit voter fraud, and highlighted how many on the left have presumably engaged in this illegal behavior.

Dems Fight for Voter Fraud

Democrats have fought to go exclusively to mail-in ballots in the wake of the politicized coronavirus pandemic. The president and many Republicans have come out against this attempt and discussed the dangers of fraud associated with it.

With the Russia collusion hoax done and the failed impeachment over, it appears that Democrats will stop at nothing to keep Trump out of the White House for the next four years. Warren’s dog voting joke wouldn’t be a big deal if pet voter fraud weren’t an issue, but it is.

  1. Lying Warren is a mean, vindictive woman. She treats her family and staff like sh1t. Treats others much worst. Very hateful.

  2. Democratic voter fraud is so common they can even make jokes about it themselves now. Remember, every cat, dog and dead person that votes democrat steals an honest citizen’s ballet from them. This election cycle thousands of elderly people Democratic governors like New York’s Cuomo murdered will be voting for Biden making our votes worthless.

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