CENSORSHIP: Instagram Bans Ads For Children’s Book Published By GOP Senator

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn and her daughter’s children’s book promotions were blocked by Instagram twice.

Conservative Politician Censored

The Tennessee Republican and her daughter, Mary Morgan Ketchel, are facing discrimination for their conservative personal and political beliefs. On July 14, 2020, the biased social media platform blocked a third ad on the day of the book’s launch, which had gotten over 100 views before it was removed, The Federalist reported.

“I posted our launch yesterday morning and they basically paused its viewership,” Ketchel told The Federalist. “There was all of this engagement and all of a sudden, after a couple of hours, it just dropped off dead. I don’t believe that they let anybody see it after they realized it was me.”

At the same time, their book “Camilla Can Vote: Celebrating the Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote,” received the number one spot on Amazon’s new releases in Children’s 1900s American Historical Fiction.

The senator and her daughter utilized live streams and interviews on the release day to help spread the word. It is highly likely that if they could have been promoted on Instagram, the numbers could have been significantly higher.

Instagram is Playing Petty Games

The Federalist shared exclusive screenshots that showed the ad for “Camilla Can Vote” was still “in progress” as of late July 15th, and it shows that Ketchel made a request for an update on her appeal.


“I am advertising a children’s book and I want to be able to utilize social media to do so,” Ketchel stated. “I’m able to reach people that I would not ordinarily reach, and that’s why I’m trying to utilize it… With book stores closed across the country, this is really the way I’m able to sell my book.”

This is not Instagram’s first attempt to stifle this book – the platform has blocked the book two times before this. The weird thing is, the social media giant approved the promotion every time, yet then blocked it each time.

Instagram’s defense claims the book potentially can “influence the outcome of an election, or existing proposed legislation.” That was the reason given by the platform for blacklisting the book.

The Harmless Book Teaches Kids Important History

The book does nothing of the sort of what Instagram is claiming. It’s a history book for children detailing Tennessee’s story becoming the final state to embrace women’s suffrage. The story is told through the perspective of a schoolgirl’s visit to a museum and has absolutely nothing to do with current political issues or events.

“It’s history, and it’s a children’s book. It’s a bright, colorful, exciting children’s format of historical fiction,” Ketchel said. “It’s mean to connect a young reader with the history of the women’s movement.”

Blackburn has faced severe backlash from the left for her conservative values and support of American foundational principles.

Instagram and Other Social Media Bias Towards Conservatives

Twitter took down a campaign ad that Blackburn posted in 2017 when she launched her Senate bid. Twitter called the ad “inflammatory” and “negative.”

Silicon Valley censorship and bias against conservatives and GOP groups continue to spread, becoming more prevalent. Blackburn is just one of many who face discrimination due to their conservative beliefs.

  1. Twitter, and all of the rest of them are useless! Everyone with a working brain needs to ban all of them that do not allow everyone to post no matter what their political affiliation is.

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