Black Lives Matter agitators brought on a new wave of disruption when they targeted a church in Troy, New York.

BLM Harass Churchgoers

The first video shows the BLM mob screaming at a mother carrying a baby and others entering into the church.

The BLM mob entered the church and started screaming, “Black Lives Matter!” disrupting the sermon taking place.

It appears that attacking Christianity and churches is the next wave of rioters’ focus. Last month, a Catholic prayer rally was organized by The Gateway Pundit at the Statue of St. Louis. In protest against the prayer rally, violent BLM members launched a counter-protests and declared the Catholic rally as a KKK event.

Christians Face-Off with BLM

As Catholics and Christians gathered at the statue, dozens of violent thugs descended and started cursing the peaceful gatherers.

“You’re not welcome here.” A man named Paul who was at the event said, “That’s when the radical Muslims said, ‘That’s the KKK!'”

Paul then claims that BLM members and people from the Regional Muslim Activity Network attacked him.

“I was trying to stay away from the guy who hit me because he was hitting anybody he could. There were about four white people and we were huddled together and they came over. They said no, you don’t get it. You’re not welcome here!”

Photos show a harrowing tale of violence and chaos.

“The next thing I know, there were people on my back and I got hit. And the next thing I know, I was coming to. They actually knocked me out. Yeah, it knocked me out,” Paul continued.

This photo was in the St. Louis Post Disgrace on Sunday morning with the caption "One protester tries to move a…

Posted by Dan Hinrichs on Monday, June 29, 2020

Churches are Next Leftist Target

Christians worldwide face extreme persecution, but up until somewhat recently, American Christians have had it pretty good.

During Obama’s presidency, things started to change and Christians in the United States began to become more accustomed to religious persecution.

As liberal movements gain speed, it appears that attacks on churchgoers will likely become a more common occurrence.


  1. It looks like the little commies went right into the church to worship, I’m sure. So what are the church members doing out in the parking lot where they can get beat up. And since the faces of the attackers are quite clear, were the attackers arrested for beating up a person which is mugging at the least, violent attacking (knocking a person out) is jail time, well, both are jail time. Notice they pick on the oldest people there just like killing kids and knocking out people as they pass people, never someone on an equal standing with the little commies. Arrest them and put them in jail, you’re see how fast they stop. In Russia, the commies won because the king decided to step down and was imprisoned by the commies. The country was without a solid military to stop the commies as the commies used the king’s military to build their own military off of. In this country the democrat commies refuse to use the military to stop the democrat commies. The destruction has already begun at the police level. Communists had years of practice taking over a country, this country can’t seem to get it together thanks to the democrats to stop the commies in their tracks. Stalin ordered the ACLU (The American Communist Party of America) that Stalin founded to infiltrate the schools and within a generation this country would be Stalin’s. He was right, he was just off of the time it would take. Starting with the colleges and moving into the schools through the college teachers as they replaced true American teachers upon their retirement.

  2. If they come to my church, they will not be leaving. We have a grave yard next to it. They will fit nicely “below” where folks bury their dead pets. This scum ranks way below pets.

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