They are Now Going After Melania

DETAILS: They are Now Going After Melania

The left has absolutely no shame, and neither does First Lady Melania Trump’s former friend and advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Betraying Melania

Melania’s former friend was being investigated by the Department of Justice under President Trump for breaking a nondisclosure agreement she had signed with the White House in August of 2017. In the investigation, Wolkoff was accused of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary obligations in relation to the publication of a book entitled “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady,” which was released in September of 2020.

Wolkoff betrayed her friendship with Melania for fame and money, there is no other way to put it.

Of course, the Biden administration immediately dropped the lawsuit against Wolkoff with no explanation. The reasons behind this decision were obvious: Biden and his Democrat cronies hate Trump, and will do anything to attack him.

New “Allegations”

Now, Wolkoff has come out with more secretly recorded tapes of her former friend. One clip, which she shared on a podcast with Meidas Touch, is making the rounds on social media.

Wolkoff and the left are desperately trying to spin this conversation as some sort of coverup, but any sane person who listens to the clip honestly hears something entirely different.

What the conversation really sounds like is Melania trying to protect her friend. She seems to be asserting that she was attempting to “distance” herself and the White House from Wolkoff to prevent Democrats and the media from going after her in the same way that they have attacked anyone even slightly associated with the Trump family.

In the tape, Wolkoff seems to be fishing to try to get Melania to say something that could be used against her by calling her out for “firing” her. Melania doesn’t take the bait, and instead chastises Wolkoff for being dramatic, telling her that she was trying to protect everyone by distancing themselves from her.

Before 2016, the Trump family was well-connected and had many close friends, but as soon as Donald Trump decided to run for office, many of them turned on the family in order to gain popularity, political points, and money. Wolkoff is just one of many people seeking fame through betraying someone who trusted her.

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