Democrat party vote abolish electoral college

Democrats Attempting to Abolish American Way of Elections in Predominately Red State

The Democratic Party of Arkansas holds a vote on their party platform every two years. In this year’s draft, they are calling to abolish one of the most fundamental pieces of our Republic.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas took a vote on the abolition of the electoral college on Saturday, though the results have not been made public as of yet.

The electoral college dates back to the drafting of the United States Constitution. It is responsible for electing the president through electors, the number of which given to each state is determined by the number of representatives the state has in Congress.


Many on the left are against the existence of this system. “The electoral college might have made sense in the founding of our country. It no longer makes sense. It overlooks the will of the people, and it’s just an outdated idea that no longer has a place in our country,” said state Senator Greg Leding, a Democrat from Fayetteville.

Two of the last five presidents won the election through the electoral college, but lost in the popular vote. Democrats believe this is enough of a reason to abolish the system, forgetting the fact that the United States is a Republic and a collection of states, rather than a pure democracy.

The Republican Party of Arkansas believes that removing the electoral college would take their state off of the radar for presidential candidates.


“Without the electoral college, candidates for President will just fly over the midsection of the United States, will fly over Arkansas and go to the population centers,” said chairman Doyle Webb.

Webb also said that anyone who supports the abolition of the electoral college does not support Arkansans. “I can’t see how any representative of Arkansas could do away with the electoral college. It doesn’t even make sense when you represent Arkansas,” said Webb.

Leding disagrees with Webb’s perspective. “I do not believe it benefits Arkansas. It shouldn’t be about which party it benefits, it should be about what process most directly addresses the will of the American people,” Leding said.

  1. The electoral college is the last line of defense from complete anarchy. The framers were wise to include it in the Constitution so that the MAJORITY cannot run roughshod over the minority. Without it the states with large population centers will have absolute control over every national election. Attempting to subvert the Constitution by doing away with the electoral college way of electing the President will set off a degree of civil unrest, and maybe even war.

  2. These young people have not lived long enough to know their butts from first base. The do not understand the reasoning that was behind the founding fathers…and have not a clue as to what impact their wrongheaded proposals will do to the country….99.5 of them have never served in the military and as such have no clue as to what war is all about….but left to their own devices they will start another civil war.

  3. Any state that does this IGNORANT THING is saying to New York and Calipornia we want you to elect our leaders. Even with Calipornia losing many residents they would still have the power to put whoever the LOONY LIBERALS RUINING the State in power. With their love of ILLEGALS that would help them keep Democraps in power till America was no more. Which of Democraps have their way won’t be that long.

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