Breaking News: 'Source' Says FBI is Now Investigating

Breaking News: ‘Source’ Says FBI is Now Investigating

Fox News’ Lou Dobbs set social media abuzz breaking news that his unnamed ‘Source’ says the FBI is Now Investigating the 2020 Presidential Election.

A new FBI investigation.

Dobbs reported:

“I have now received word from a highly reliable source that the FBI does have an investigative team that is now looking into this election. Now, what that means beyond that? But at least its confirmation that they are investigating and we’ll see what moves.”

Dobbs gave no indication as to the focus of the investigation or the scope. However, from the tone of his announcement we can infer that the current investigation is much larger than previous local inquiries.

Dobbs went on to review the definition of an Election crime as a federal crime. We’ve taken the liberty of linking examples of each.

An Election Crime is Generally a Federal Crime if:

This isn’t the first hint of an FBI Investigation

In a whole new twist on robocall controversy, the FBI is also investigating claims that thousands of robocalls were made in Michigan telling people to “stay safe. stay home” on election day.

USA Today reported:

“Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said on Twitter that her office had received reports that “an unknown party is purposefully spreading misinformation via robocalls in Flint in an attempt to confuse voters there. Don’t fall for it.”

Election Crimes are Federal Crimes.

It would be naïve to believe that the FBI would stay out of the Election 2020 fray when there is such overwhelming evidence from “irregularities” to fraud. So many irregularities that President Trump’s attorney Sidney Powell described it as, “Like it’s coming in through a fire-hose.”

This is also very interesting when you remember that John Brennan gave the left assurances on Bill Maher that the FBI & CIA would steer clear.

“No,” said Brennan. It is crucial that members of the intelligence community remain non-partisan. “And as off-putting and distasteful and awful as Donald Trump’s presidency is, these individuals are not going to violate their oath of office to this country, to the constitution, and they’re not going to get involved in politics.”

It would seem the FBI’s leadership would beg to differ with the former Director of the CIA. Election crimes that reach this level of prominence and severity demand investigation.

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