For Our Future Under Biden: Look At Germany Today

Today in Berlin: German police fire water cannons at COVID19 lockdown protesters. The parliament of Germany has passed new laws allowing the Government under Chancellor Angela Merkel to enforce mask-wear, social distancing and business closures. The new laws will be signed into effect by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier later today.

Government response from Germany

Sky News reported that many in Germany claim the new laws are similar to those that led to the Nazi takeover in 1933.

“The measures have been likened by some to the 1933 Enabling Act which allowed the Nazis to enact laws without parliamentary approval.”


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas responded via twitter:

“Of course, everyone has the right to criticize the measures. Our democracy lives from the exchange of different opinions. However, anyone who downplays or relativizes the Holocaust has learned nothing from our history.”

This is what you would typically call a dismissive, evasive Non-Answer. It fails to address any similarity between the 1933 statute which enabled the Third Reich and the current slate of laws that will allow Chancellor Angela Merkel to aggressively apply restrictions in the dubious name of “public health.”


What does this have to do with Joe Biden?

A member of Former Vice President Joe Biden’s so called “coronavirus task force” Dr. Michael Osterholm was quoted by yahoo Finance Live last week:

“We could lock down for four to six weeks and if we did that, we could drive the numbers down.”

Never mind, the effects this would have on the deficit, the value of the our currency, or the economy overall. And in spite of the left’s beloved WHO’s recommendations AGAINST another lockdown. Which the New York Post reported,

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” WHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro said.

“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never, ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,”

But, “It Can’t Happen Here” Right?

Our legal system in the United States has already yielded similar powers Presidency in the form of the National Emergencies Act (NEA) (Pub.L. 94–412, 90 Stat. 1255, enacted September 14, 1976, codified at 50 U.S.C. § 1601–1651) among other laws like the USA PATRIOT Act. For decades big government politicians in both parties have built the perfect avenue to override the Constitution: The “National Emergency”.

If Fmr. VP Joe Biden becomes President it is certain that he will enact a similar “National Emergency” to enable all the COVID19 restrictions he wants. If that happens, we will see similar protests escalate right here in small-town America. Biden has already called for a national mask mandate much to the acclaim of the globalist health establishment.

Once again, Germany is the canary in the coal mine. The streets of Nashville or Missoula could mirror the streets of Berlin in only a few short months. All at the hands of a would be President, who will do whatever his friends in the UN tell him to. Even Dr. Fauci knows it, just a few weeks ago he said he has no plans to leave his post under Biden.

“I’m not going to walk away from this outbreak no matter who’s the president,” Fauci said.

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