Democrat Quietly Discloses Financial Ties With CHINA

Democrat Quietly Discloses Financial Ties With CHINA

Democrat Jon Ossoff quietly disclosed his previously omitted financial ties With China. The Chinese Communist regime seems to be cultivating their connections with Democrat Candidates for US Senate in 2020. First, we saw Senator-Elect Mark Kelly’s deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party revealed in Arizona. Stunningly Kelly was elected in spite of the scandal. And now there are new allegations arising about Georgia Democrat and Senate candidate Jon Ossoff. This is especially poignant after Nancy Pelosi was busted for allowing Chinese propaganda to be distributed in The House of Representatives earlier this year.

Compensated by a media conglomerate

“You took money from the Chinese government that originated this virus in the first place,“ Ossoff’s Opponent Senator David Perdue said at an Atlanta Press Club debate.

According to the National Review, “Ossoff has been compensated by a Hong Kong media conglomerate whose owner has spoken out against pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, according to his most recent financial disclosure.” The report went on to explain that Ossoff as CEO of a British film production company reported receiving at least $5,000 from Hong Kong firm PCCW Limited in the last 24 months. This disclosure was not given in his initial financial report to the FEC.


Ossoff’s company sells their documentaries to dozens of networks, so that isn’t really the issue here. This particular documentary was about ISIS war crimes against women and girls, no-one is going to criticize him for that.

The problem is the omission from his initial FEC report which could give the appearance of impropriety. Even more troubling are the connections that now exist between Ossoff and PCCW.


A supporter of the CCP for years

Li Ka-Shing the wealthiest man in Hong Kong owns PCCW. Ka-Shing is a Washington Lobbyist, sitting on the board of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Li is no friend of the Hong Kong independence movement.

In fact he’s supported the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts for years. So you put all of that together, and you get an extremely wealthy, powerful ally of the Chinese Communist Party, in favor of the oppression of Hong Kong, who has a supportive financial relationship with a would-be Senator.

The United State Senate cannot be “For Sale”. In our legal system the US Courts Code of Conduct demands:

“A judge must avoid all impropriety and appearance of impropriety. This prohibition applies to both professional and personal conduct. A judge must expect to be the subject of constant public scrutiny and accept freely and willingly restrictions that might be viewed as burdensome by the ordinary citizen.”

Every Presidential election season, both sides of the aisle demand we hold our Executive branch to a similar standard. Isn’t it about time that we, as a people demand the same from our legislators as Justice Scalia once obtusely suggested? Especially, the Senate who as the Upper Chamber of Congress, bear the responsibility to vet and confirm those Justices?  But between Senator-elect Mark Kelly and now Candidate Jon Ossoff, Beijing might buy one: get one free.

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