Breaking News: Michigan County Discovered Omitting Votes Cast for President Trump

A county in Michigan just noticed a little mistake. They accidentally sent a whole bunch of votes for President Donald Trump into electronic limbo. That was not nice. Fortunately, they were caught.

This year’s contest is shaping up to be the most contentious presidential election in U.S. history. Conservative Americans are convinced that election fraud is running rampant because the warning signs have been there all along.

Michigan caught stacking the deck

One specific reason to believe that the Democrats are intentionally rigging the election in their favor is an incident which happened in Detroit. Despite the city being a Democrat stronghold, President Donald Trump actually does have supporters there.


An estimated 600 Trump votes were secretly concealed from the count in one Michigan precinct.

Jay Deboyer is calling it an accident. He’s the County Clerk for St. Clair County. Voters there are running solidly in favor of Trump by a 2 to 1 margin. He expects America to believe that he simply hit the “wrong button.” It had the effect of wiping away at least 600 votes for trump from the Michigan count.

That little “mistake” happens to be critical because Michigan is a fiercely contested battleground. A full 16 electoral college votes are at stake in a contest only separated by 80,000 ballots across the whole state.


Everyone is wondering how many other similar “mistakes” there were. Voters have some serious questions about some suitcases and water coolers wheeled into another Detroit voting center’s secure counting Area around 4:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Kudos to Shane Hernandez

Nobody would have said a word and those 600 votes would never have been counted if it weren’t for Republican state Representative Shane Hernandez. His sharp eye for accounting picked up the hidden discrepancy when he went over the figures for his home county. St. Clair, is located up in the northeastern “thumb” area of Michigan.

As soon as he spotted the apparent fraud, he got on the horn to his County Clerk. Isn’t it a little strange, he asked, for there to be no absentee ballots at all for President Trump in Michigan precincts Marysville 2 and 3.

“I saw that there were missing votes in the County and worked to find them, and realized the absentees were missing.” He urges activists everywhere to “check every County for votes like this.”

Hernandez emphasizes the point that Michigan isn’t the only place where the results are up in the air. “This was a complicated election and the Presidency might very well come down to a few thousand votes.”

He notes that you don’t have to be a super-sleuth to pick up on the discrepancies if you simply look at the reports. “I was able to find these problems just sitting at home, I hope everyone looks into this and finds and fixes any problems.”

Michigan is particularly vulnerable to election fraud because many of the state’s counties “don’t properly post or make available their datasets for easy comparison and review by the public.” They hide the voting process in Deep State shadows to keep the public from learning the real numbers.

Every American must insist that “others with sufficient experience and skill to review the published results to ensure that they are accurately reporting President Trump’s vote.”

  1. With Democrats committing voter fraud in so many ways and places, they should declare Donald Trump the winner by reason of rampant fraud by the DNC

    1. I totally agree. Your focus is on fraud committed in SO MANY WAYS AND SO MANY PLACES. Joe Biden and the Democrats have NOT won the
      elections. Donald Trump and the Republicans won it. We the people reject any Party or Person who has not won fairly and honestly, whether it
      Be Democrats or Republicans. For that to be allowed/accepted, then OUR collective will have been made irrelevant and our freedom to choose
      our leaders, nullified. WE, THE PEOPLE see this as the arm of a totalitarian entity. This election needs to be re-done with military personnel at
      all polling stations and counting destinations. Let the will of the people be done!

  2. Well before the election I predicted that we would see voter fraud at an unprecedented level and, lo and behold, the Democrats didn’t let me down. What the plan seems to be is to get an accurate measure of where Trump is-then, magically a few more ballots than Trump’s lead appear out of nowhere. In Michigan a trove of ballots, approximately 135,000 of them show up just in time to push Biden into the lead. Then, if you can throw 600 Trump ballots into the trash can, that’s just frosting on the cake. Believe me, if during continuing counting Trump works his way back into the lead, more votes will be found to more than offset whatever lead Trump may have. The Democrats don’t even pretend they are accurately counting ballots-what they ARE doing is providing enough phony ballots to make Biden win.

  3. The Democrats are still going to steal the election. To many percincts are run by Democrat minoritys because whitey can’t be trusted to cheat they say. They bring up some 1950’s and before voter crud in the south. It’s to allow cheating in favor of the Democrats

  4. So what is the state election committee doing about this. What is being discovered is a federal deal interfering in an election and the feds need to be notified. Amazing how these democrats get elected by fraud, interfering in an election so the outcome is in their favor and absolutely nothing is done about it. A republican in another state was collecting votes not legal in his state and he is in jail. Sounds like the democrats are paying someone or many off.

  5. In Michigan the Poll sites were refusing to allow Military in uniform to vote they told them they had to leave … I witnessed this at Eastland Elem. School in Roseville MI.

  6. The demmies have gotten away with the old found boxes of ballots in someone’s car trunk and they all go for the demmies. They have done this as far back as I can remember and nothing was done. Now they feel safe enough doing it mainly in the open and nothing will still be done to stop it.

    1. Ballots, like any other form of evidence, needs to be rejected if the chain posession isn’t clear ……….and official.

  7. Of course they will lose republican vote and make more dem votes to win as they can’t win any other way. Cheat, cheat.

    1. Not totally true of course, but enough of a percentage true that it might as well be…! Lying, stealing and cheating has become just a common place tool of voting, to them…! It must stop for America to continue as the home of the free…and just about every other virtue there is…! Or maybe I should say “WAS!”

  8. Ever notice with all the “mistakes” it is ALWAYS in favor of the democrats…..never in favor of the republicans…..one would think that every once in a while there would be one for them…..huh

  9. Presently 4 counties in MI has had ‘voting irregularities’ from Dominion’s voting machines.
    Out of 47 counties using them.

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