Election Fraud BOMBSHELL Nukes Michigan Officials

The election fraud scandal in Michigan is heating up in a nuclear chain reaction of allegations which are about to blow voting officials in Detroit off the map. Two poll challengers claim they saw thousands of “unsecured and unsealed ballots, without envelopes,” which arrived in trays “and apparently every ballot was counted and attributed only to Democratic candidates.”

Michigan ‘fraud and misconduct’

Michigan poll challengers Cheryl A. Costantino and Edward P. McCall Jr. filed a lawsuit spelling out “numerous issues of fraud and misconduct.” They’re demanding a temporary restraining order which “would prohibit officials from certifying the vote” until their charges can be formally investigated.

In a separate scandal involving the same state, the media has resorted to manufacturing lies about a USPS whistleblower, who didn’t recant his claim that the Post Office was running a ballot mill to backdate votes and get them counted after the election anyway.


According to the freshly filed lawsuit, election officials from Detroit and Wayne County allowed “multiple levels of improper conduct.” Various individuals have sworn out affidavits. Plaintiff’s attorney David A. Kallman argues, “this type of widespread fraud in the counting and processing of voter ballots cannot be allowed to stand.

Michigan citizens are entitled to know that their elections are conducted in a fair and legal manner and that every legal vote is properly counted.”

You’re not supposed to vote unless you are registered ahead of time. Once properly signed up, your name must be listed on the Qualified Voter File or “supplemental sheets” officially added to it.


What the Michigan poll watchers found was “Defendants systematically processed and counted ballots from voters whose name failed to appear in either the Qualified Voter File (QVF) or in the supplemental sheets.”

To make things worse, “when a voter’s name could not be found, the election worker assigned the ballot to a random name already in the QVF to a person who had not voted.” Election workers “systematically used false information to process ballots, such as using incorrect or false birthdays. Many times, the election workers inserted new names into the QVF after the election and recorded these new voters as having a birthdate of 1/1/1900.”

Don’t verify signatures

Not only that, “Defendants instructed election workers to not verify signatures on absentee ballots, to backdate absentee ballots, and to process such ballots regardless of their validity.” Most people call that fraud.

Another allegation in Michigan is that election workers were told “to process ballots that appeared after the election deadline and to falsely report that those ballots had been received prior to November 3, 2020 deadline.”

After Michigan election officials “announced the last absentee ballots had been received, another batch of unsecured and unsealed ballots, without envelopes, arrived in trays at the TCF Center.

There were tens of thousands of these absentee ballots, and apparently every ballot was counted and attributed only to Democratic candidates.” These “unsecured ballots arrived at the TCF Center loading garage, not in sealed ballot boxes, without any chain of custody, and without envelopes.”

The complaint also alleged that some ballots “arrived in vehicles with out-of-state license plates,” and that “It was observed that all of these new ballots were cast for Joe Biden.”

There are serious consequences to what happened in Michigan. “Such rampant fraud cannot be undone. We ask the Court to enjoin the certification of this fraudulent election, void the election, and order a new vote in Wayne County.”

The defense attorney isn’t worried. He knows he has the weight of the entire Deep State and unlimited financing behind him. “Like two previous lawsuits, this case is not based upon actual evidence of any election fraud or misconduct, it is based upon various conspiracy theories, which have already been debunked. We are confident this case, like the others filed last week, will be dismissed.”

  1. Democrats: “Go ahead and steal the election. They can’t put ALL of us in prison.”

    Republicans: “Hold my beer.”

  2. OK, but the MSM isn’t interested, the democrats aren’t interested, the establishment Republicans aren’t interested, most of the DOJ and FBI doesn’t care and all anyone tells me is if I sent in enough money some mysterious person will x5 or x10 it. When will the government of the people, by the people and for the people show up?

  3. First how do you start to hate someone so much that you’ll destroy a election? How do act like you didn’t and still sleep? Why do you hate President Trump so much? I bet they can’t even remember why anymore. It was out of anger because the American people didn’t want your woman as President. A woman President is ok, just not Hillary Clinton. Now we have all this crap and going to end up with a communist Female President. This I believe is going to be our last election in this country. God please bless the country I protected and that I love so.

    1. If you were certain beyond reasonable doubt that your coup had succeeded (despite Obama losing the House, the Senate and most of the state governments) – then someone like Trump came along and derailed you, you’d be plenty mad at him. If he succeeds again after all the work they’ve done this time (they must have learned from the 2016 shellacking), they’ll spend another four years trying to impeach him and blocking anything they can like they have with the stimulus. They don’t just hold a grudge, they nourish it. They would (obviously) kill themselves if they thought it would even inconvenience Trump. Progressivism is a fanatic religion – like Heaven’s Gate.

  4. What is most disturbing is the massive number of Democrat sycophants who decided to go along with committing blatant voter fraud, and thinking they would get away with it with no consequences. The entire party structure must be corrupt from the top down. What is worse is that the average Democrat on the street is still willing to go along with all the immoral and sinful things their party espouses, killing babies before and maybe after they are born, allowing mentally disturbed or perverted individuals to “identify” as persons of the opposite sex, using the schools to indoctrinate our children in all sorts of perverse ideas, etc. Now, because we will not accept their blatant theft of the election, their leaders are demanding that Christians and Trump supporters be placed on the terrorist watch lists and be banned from being able to work or earn a living. These tactics are straight out of the Book of Revelation in the Bible that describes how Satan’s anti-Christ will demand conformity with his rule or be unable to buy and sell to support their families. It just lets you know who the Democrats are working for. And, of course, don’t forget their teacher, Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to his god, Lucifer.

  5. What I find disturbing is the democrats are willing to stand by and allow this. Not because they think it is right but because….well….they hate Trump. I sucked it up for 8 years while Obama was in office. The man hated this nation, still does. Was hell bent on her destruction. Never did I consider doing anything illegal to unseat him. Never did I burn, destroy, injure….I just wrote letters, pointed out his stupid stunts and prayed the low information voters would catch on by re-election time. They didn’t, but I still didn’t attack my own nation. I know how hard it is to support myself and my family. I understand the sacrifice, the dedication. The low information voters just know they want something they didn’t earn.

  6. Michigan has become a hell hole. With whining little girls and boys who are so uneducated and stupid. Governor is a dictator. AG doesn’t go by laws. Health officials do what the governor tells them. Detroit seems to think they are the only one that counts in the state. People in Wayne County have to paid higher water , gas and electricity because of Detroit don’t pay their bills. Sick of one City getting federal money that is thrown away on stupidity. Now the governor wants to shut down our gas lines. Freeze the people into bowing down to her. Never !!! Civil war coming to Michigan.

  7. Quid Pro Joe said the presidency will have to be accomplished with cheating, also that he had the best team for voting fraud. Things seem to add up.

  8. All this is the democrat way, probably has been for decades (Killery’s team just miscalculated the amount of illegal votes to win…not like this one where they over produced the ballots)…the hard part is manufacturing JUST enough votes to win by a small margin and not draw attention to their deeds….The reason for the delayed count….remember by early the following morning in 2016 they had ALL the votes counted….here it is a week later and they are STILL counting….giving them time to “adjust the count”…reason why Joe was ensconced in his basement….he knew the manufactured win was in the bag.

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