Fauci Tucks Tail and Runs to Trump for Help

Fauci Tucks Tail and Runs to Trump for Help

Apparently, Dr. Anthony Fauci is having trouble doing his job, and needs Donald Trump’s help. In an appearance on Fox News, Fauci asked the former president for his help to get more people to take the COVID vaccine.

Begging for Trump’s Help

Responding to a recent NPR poll which revealed that 47 percent of people who supported President Trump in the 2020 election are not planning to get the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available to them, Fauci said that it would be “very helpful” if Trump urged his supporters to get the vaccine.

Fauci also claimed that “it would make all the difference in the world” if Trump urged his supporters to get the vaccine.

“[Trump] is a very widely popular person among Republicans. If he came out and said ‘Go and get vaccinated, it’s really important for your health, the health of your family, and the health of the country, it seems absolutely inevitable that the vast majority of people who are his close followers would listen to him,” Fauci added.

Flip-Flopping Fauci

Dr. Fauci has been generally useless when it comes to the COVID pandemic, often spouting contradictory opinions depending on who he’s talking to and what the left-wing narrative is at the moment.

Tim Pool, a left-leaning political commentator, summed up Fauci’s flip-flopping on COVID perfectly in a recent segment on his YouTube channel.

“Fauci’s apparently telling you what you can and can’t do after you get your vaccine. And because of what Fauci has done — I’m sorry, I think Fauci has been one of the most destructive voices in getting things back on track… Dr. Fauci was one of the first people to say not to wear a mask… He flip-flopped later on. He then said ‘you should double mask, it’s common sense,’ then he said ‘no, there’s no science to prove that,’ then he said ‘yeah you know you might as well do it.’ Clearly he doesn’t know what we should or shouldn’t be doing, he just goes along with what the media is saying,” Pool said.

“One of the most destructive things about what Fauci has done was that he kept telling people that even if you got the vaccine, you can’t do anything. That’s it. We should be telling people that the vaccine is the path to a return to normal,” he added.

Instead of promoting and advertising the vaccine in a positive way, Fauci wants Trump to do his job for him. Is there any question of why people aren’t going to get the vaccine, when Fauci has said on numerous occasions that getting vaccinated won’t change anything?

“So there are things, even if you’re vaccinated, that you’re not going to be able to do in society. For example: indoor dining, theaters, places where people congregate, that’s because of the safety of society. You yourself, what you can do, when you are together with another person, we are looking at that and we are going to try to find very quickly what recommendations could be made about what people can do,” Fauci stated at a White House briefing.

“One of the things that is universal here, that we know, that at this point in time it is unclear whether when you get vaccinated that you might be protected from clinical disease, which is the primary endpoint of the vaccine studies, that you could conceivably be infected, have virus in your nasal pharynx, and at that same time have no symptoms, which is the reason why we recommend and say you still need to wear a mask, because if you do have virus in the nasal pharynx — even though we hope that when the data comes in, it’s gonna show that the very virus level is quite low and you’re not transmitting it — we don’t know that now. And for that reason we want to make sure that people continue to wear masks despite the fact that they’re vaccinated,” he continued.

The Bottom Line

So, why would anyone want to get the vaccine if it won’t change their lives at all? We supposedly live in a free country, but our God-given rights have been taken from us. The First Amendment says we have a right to worship, yet churches are shut down or have limited capacity. We have the right to freely assemble, yet we can’t gather in groups larger than a set number given by our leaders, unless of course its a Black Lives Matter riot. We have freedom of speech, but people are being un-personed (in the words of George Orwell) for expressing opinions, or even facts, about the coronavirus that aren’t approved by our leaders. Dr. Fauci is at the center of all of it, as the authoritarian Democrats put him on a pedestal to push their lockdown orders and mask orders. If the exalted Dr. Fauci says we should get the vaccine because ‘it’s the right thing to do,’ but it won’t change anything at all, Democrats jump to say ‘yes, dear leader.’ Republicans are smart enough to say no, and Fauci is getting desperate. He proved that when he went on Fox News to beg Trump for help.

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