Amateur hour: White House Team’s inexperience Exposed as Things Break Down

There’s a simple reason why the U.S. supply chain has snapped. A simple person is in charge of it. Amateur administrator Pete Buttigieg. Before now, the toughest decision the Mayor administering 103,000 people had to face was choosing the best decorative brick to revitalize “the sidewalks of downtown South Bend.”

Amateur running transportation

Our current professional chief of national transportation is more like a Choo-Choo Charlie amateur with an HO scale model train set. Nobody ever heard of Pete Buttigieg outside of South Bend, Indiana until he ran for president in 2020. In exchange for dropping out to endorse Joe Biden, he was named Palace Minister of Transportation. They could have given him a fluff job that doesn’t matter. Something along the lines of Ambassador to Chad.

Democrats actually gave him a job that matters. For the past nine months he seems to have been too distracted by his husband and new twins to solve any of our supply-chain problems. Remember that, the next time the store is out of something you really need now.

That item you’re missing is probably sitting in a container ship anchored off the coast of Democrat controlled California. Amateur transport Czar Buttigieg has them stacked up in a holding pattern. They haven’t been able to unload because there weren’t enough port workers. The moment the secretary popped his head up to lobby for the Biden pork package, it got blasted off in the press.

That triggered the instant announcement that help is on the way and the port at Long Beach will be run round the clock until the last ship is unloaded. You still won’t find your missing merchandise. There aren’t enough truck drivers to get the cargo out of the port and to your store.

Lower and middle class restaurants, stores and small businesses are dragging in the dirt and dying. These are the companies that provide products and services to the average American in every state. Because of amateur administration failures, it’s not just the container ships.

“Rail yards have also been clogged, with trains at one point backed up 25 miles outside a key Chicago facility.” At least, that’s what left-leaning Washington Post reported Sunday, October 10.

Overworked and overwhelmed truckers

Once the ports start moving and the trains start rolling, the amateur administrator needs to solve the teamsters issues. Truckers “are overworked and overwhelmed, often confronting logjams.”

Even liberal Democrats are complaining that the “worker shortage has been a common theme throughout the first 10 months of the Biden era, where no one in the administration – including Labor Secretary Marty Walsh – has any good answers as to why it is happening.” He points the finger and says “ask Pete.”

Buttigieg even admits he’s a clueless amateur to the press. He told all the outlets that “parenting twins is the most demanding thing I think I’ve ever done.” That’s not reassuring when the supply line of everybody’s groceries is at risk. He’s already thinking of running against Trump in 2024. The liberal press ignores his failures and praises his parenting skills.

Almost “all outlets are focusing on Buttigieg’s foray into fatherhood and not on the one major issue he’s in charge of fixing, or at least getting under some semblance of control, as cargo ships continue to pile up off the coast of America’s port cities.”

Pete is convinced that Imperial Leader Joe Biden is the answer. Just have faith and believe in His Wisdom, the amateur insists. “This is one more reason why we do need to deliver this infrastructure package, so that we can have a more resilient, flexible physical infrastructure to support our supply chain in this country.”

When asked but what can you do right now? Just in case that infrastructure pork package implodes in the Senate or something. He set up a task force to talk about it but he expects the “private sector” to fix it for him. He’s holding “roundtables” to let them tell him what he should do. The problem is they keep telling him, “move to Canada.”

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