House Democrats Reject GOP Amendment adding ANTIFA to Domestic Terrorism

Before President Trump called for Antifa to be designated a terrorist group on May 31, 2020, House Democrats shut down a Republican amendment to do so earlier in the year.

On May 31, President Trump tweeted: “The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

Dems Shutdown Holding Antifa Accountable

On March 11, 2020, a bill was passed through the House Judiciary Committee that would create offices in either the Department of Justice or the Department of Homeland Security specifically for locating domestic terrorist threats. The GOP proposed an amendment that would include language about Antifa, but the amendment was shut down by the Democrats.

The bill itself was introduced by the left to combat white supremacists and right-wing extremist activity located in the United States. It appears that the violent Antifa movement which has been causing chaos and anarchy throughout 2020 is just not enough of a threat to get on the Democrats’ radar.

“These are reasonable, measured policies to help focus the federal government’s resources on the threats that continue to terrorize and kill Americans,” said Democrat Chairman Jerry Nadler, the Washington Times reported.

One-Sided Bill Wreaks of Dem Hypocrisy

Republican Rep. Ken Buck called the bill “one-sided.” He seems to be correct. The Democrats were not interested when Republicans suggested the amendment to add Antifa and other far-left extremist groups.

“There is at least an equal level of hate, violence, and terror coming from the political left directed at conservatives and people who support the president,” Buck said. “At its core, the people perpetrating these acts are using the same tactics as white supremacists.”

In the amendment, Buck provided over 80 clear cut instances of violence that Antifa and other left-wing extremist groups were responsible for.

“If we are serious about attacking about white supremacism, which I absolutely want to do, and did as a prosecutor, let’s make this a bipartisan bill,” he continued.

Republican Representative Jim Sensenbrenner pointed to the 2017 incident where Rep. Steve Scalise was severely wounded by a gunman whose hatred for Republicans was a motivating factor in his attack.

“Political terrorism is domestic terrorism. Political terrorism should be investigated just as vigorously as white supremacy, which both sides condemn,” he said.

Antifa Continues to Attack

Antifa is responsible for a growing number of attacks on Americans, including that of conservative journalist Andy Ngo. He has been covering the terrorist group for some time and was brutally attacked himself last year.

“As shocking as my unprovoked beating was, I’m hardly the first to be cruelly beaten by antifa. I have been covering antifa since the days after the 2016 election, when Portlanders woke up to find that downtown had been ravaged by black-clad vandals and arsonists overnight. Since then, the militants have repeatedly brutalized the city’s population. They have learned from experience that city government and police lack the political will to protect citizens,” Ngo wrote in the New York Post last year. 

While Antifa continues to create terror in the streets of America, their reign might be squelched if President Trump makes good on his word to designate them as a terrorist organization. 

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