Activists ENRAGED over Bible Verses in Easter Eggs

A group of conservative students at The University of North Texas, decided to observe the Easter holiday by filling their campus with some childlike wonder and hiding 250 brightly colored Easter eggs around campus, each containing an uplifting Bible verse. I know… slow news day right? Wait for it… Scores of hyper-triggered far leftist “activists” (clout chasers) have collectively shreaked a soul piercing “RrrreeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEeeee!!!!” and taken to social media to proclaim their rage and compete to see who could capture and destroy the most eggs, just to…. you know…. stick it to the Christians? Right?

Isn’t That a little Eggs -treme?

(I know… I’m sorry… I’ll let myself out…)

Here are a few examples of Tweets regarding the egg hunt from some zoomers and millennials who evidently ‘couldn’t even’:

  • “time to do a capture the egg challenge everyone”
  • “Idea: replace the eggs with something diff”
  • “take the bible verses out and replace it with shit”
  • “imagine walking around campus and you find an Easter egg only for it to have a bible verse in it id be so pissed”
  • “i saw people say they would appreciate the bible verses, but it would absolutely ruin my day. it would bring back memories and shit i want to forget. stop subjecting others to your religion and keep bible versus at church and in ur bio.”
  • “Awesome! I was low on toilet paper,”
  • “Alright guys whoever finds and throws the most away wins a prize,”

President of the UNT Young Conservatives Kelly Neidert was less than amused by the antics and tweeted, “After my fellow students destroyed my org’s abortion memorial, I should have known they would go out and destroy our Bible verse Easter eggs” Niedert told The Daily Wire that Easter eggs with Bible verses “shouldn’t be this controversial.”

“This was intended to be a fun event for everyone. You don’t need to be a Christian to read an uplifting Bible verse and appreciate it,” Neidert said. “One student even messaged and told me to kill myself over this event, which was a little upsetting because some Bible verse Easter eggs shouldn’t be this controversial.”

If finding a few Bible verses hidden in Easter eggs hidden around campus is enough to set these ultra-leftist University of North Texas  CHILDREN off then their thirties are really going to suck. Seriously, these people are going to need blood pressure medication before age 35. They probably have peptic ulcers and IBS already from the strain of embodying that much hate and impotent rage all at once. But hey, at least the Young Conservatives of Texas have made the rounds in Conservative media… they were even on Fox News. Happy Easter folks.


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