Biden Frazzled as Breaking News Goes Public

Joe Biden and the rest of the Imperial Palace are frazzled, scrambling on Thursday to explain how a contract vaccine brewer managed to mix ingredients from two different recipes. Because of the mistake, 15 million Johnson & Johnson doses went down the drain. Andrew Cuomo was happy to be able to announce that his state will still be getting their shot’s next week. He’s afraid to face the public with all the scandals swirling around his office.

Biden officials were warned

Emergent BioSolutions contracted to produce Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Then they got a contract to whip up a batch for AstraZeneca.

According to a senior Biden official who leaked like a sieve to Politico, “health officials learned of the contaminated batch late last week.” Some of that source’s co-workers who don’t want to be identified add that “problems with Emergent’s production were looming.”

The little “mix-up” which happened at a West Baltimore, Maryland manufacturing plant “contaminated millions of doses” the maker admits.

It wasn’t long before even the liberal outlets were reporting that “Biden administration officials became aware more than a week ago of supply issues related to problems with Emergent.” This time, “the company reportedly mixed up ingredients from the J&J and AstraZeneca vaccines.”

No big deal, company officials assure. “We isolated this batch and it will be disposed of properly,” Emergent said in a statement. “Discarding a batch of bulk drug substance, while disappointing, does occasionally happen during vaccine manufacturing, which is a complex and multi-step biological process.”

Having to toss a batch goes with the territory, blending two different formulas into each other could have been deadly if not caught in time. Especially with the Biden executive relaxation of regulations in the interest of speeding the doses out to doctors.

Spin the screw-up

White House spokesunit Jen Psaki went out to the stable of tame progressive reporters to give them the official spin on the screw-up. His Wisdom Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace do “not expect Emergent’s woes to prevent J&J from meeting its goal of delivering 100 million shots by the end of May.”

They will send some National Guard troops over and put them at gunpoint to work around the clock and make up the difference. That’s how Socialists operate. Get with the five-year-plan, man.

Another thing that Imperial Leader Biden ordered by Palace proclamation is for Johnson & Johnson to “directly take over on the Emergent manufacturing process,” and do it this week, the senior palace official confirmed.

J&J have already notified customers that they are “stopping future shipments after the production mix-up.” The FDA is sending a team to look into the matter and hold the manufacturers feet to the fire until they cough up “100 million doses in the next few months.”

When AstraZeneca found out that a huge supply of their proprietary ingredients were mixed willy-nilly into their competitor’s product they freaked out. That’s like using Hunt’s tomatoes in Heinz Ketchup. It’s just WRONG.

They were calm when they talked to Politico, stating they’re “aware of the reports regarding the facility and we understand Emergent is investigating the matter.” They have assured the Biden regime that once they figure out how to get through the Palace red tape to file for proper authorization, “they have at least 30 million doses on hand for when they are cleared.”

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