John Durham Caved

It looks a whole lot like allegedly vicious “watchdog” John Durham totally caved to Deep State pressure and turned out to be one of those little rat-dogs the liberal elite like to carry around in a purse. As tweeted by Sean Davis, “A source familiar with Durham’s ongoing investigation of the bogus Russian collusion operation tells @FDRLST: ‘Durham isn’t doing anything. Dropping his investigations. He’s worried about blowback from Biden. What an absolute disgrace.'”

Caved in under Deep State pressure

If reports from a reliable source are true, special prosecutor John Durham just totally caved in to pressure from the Deep State. If he was compromised, as alleged, it would explain a lot of inconsistencies which have been infuriating conservatives since his probe began.

President Donald Trump is fighting at this very moment for not only his own political life, but the future of our nation. This latest act of treachery underscores exactly why Trump was elected in the first place. The federal government is disgustingly corrupt. This proves once and for all that there are one set of rules for average Americans and a totally different set for the liberal elite.


U.S. Attorney John Durham’s probe was hyped up ever since it began as intended to get to the bottom of the seditious coup plot to overthrow the president which the Federal Bureau of Instigation called “Crossfire Hurricane.” We call it Obamagate now.

Day after day for the past three years, reports have been coming out about on disgustingly illegal act committed by officials in the previous administration after another. We kept hearing Durham has his own Grand Jury. They are sending out subpoenas, the dominoes are about to fall. They fell all right. The whole line of dominoes just came crashing backwards to crush the American spirit after the lead investigator seems to have turned traitor and caved in completely.

The tweet which sparked an explosion of fury through the conservative community was tapped out by Sean Davis, who is a co-founder of conservative outlet The Federalist. He’s totally convinced that Durham has caved in. To him, and every other conservative American, it’s an “an absolute disgrace.”


It should have been open and shut

The latest Deep State victory makes a lot of sense to disappointed conservatives in hind sight. It looks very suspiciously as if someone got to Durham. Either through bribery, intimidation, or blackmail.

A lot like what allegedly happened when Bill Clinton had a little chat with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of the airport in Phoenix, Arizona one hot summer day. They “talked about her grandkids.” Many people suggest that what he really said was if she wanted them to have a chance to grow up, then she had better cooperate. Something similar may have happened to Durham and he caved in over it.

Experts insist that “Durham had a near open and shut case against [then-Deputy FBI Director] Andrew McCabe.” Insurance policy Andy “admitted multiple times to having lied to the FBI.” Unlike Martha Stuart, McCabe walks around a free man, thumbing his nose at the laws that apply to everyone else.

It looks like he knows the fix is in, just like with the election. Durham caved in as scheduled, that’s why he didn’t release any of his findings before the election, as had been promised by the administration from day one.

Durham could have, before he caved in, turned in a criminal referral of James Comey. The Department of Injustice decided not to prosecute. The bureaucracy is protecting the bureaucracy. That’s the very definition of “Deep State” and it’s exactly why we elected president Trump.

Americans want Justice. It’s absolutely inconceivable that “so many people could have touched that illegal FISA warrant of Carter Page” who are still walking around free with no repercussions whatsoever. That does not make sense. Leaks and rumors have been swirling for months, indicating that “Durham has the goods and has likely had the goods for many months.”

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