Turncoat Adam Kinzinger Makes His Dumbest Announcement Ever…Becomes Laughing Stock of the GOP

Vocal anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger claims that the United States may be on the verge of collapsing into a second civil war. The representative argued that Donald Trump and his supporters are driving America towards a ledge which will plunge the nation into mass chaos and constant violence. Kinzinger thinks that a new civil war would be launched by militias loyal to Trump who refuse to recognize the results of another election.

Kinzinger suggests civil war is looming

It might be nice if liberals and the mainstream media could make up their minds on this subject; on the one hand,  preppers and conspiracy theorists are supposed to be insane for expecting another civil war.

On the other hand, the most mainstream of mainstream figures announce on CNN and MSNBC that another Manassas is just around the corner if the country doesn’t heed their warnings.

Kinzinger might be right about the possibility of another civil war in the distant future, but it’s hard to see what anyone gains through his telling MSNBC about his predictions.

Over the course of human history, bloody and bitter civil wars have been waged over issues far less divisive than any one of the innumerable things that have driven Americans apart in the 21st century.

Arguably the United States is even more divided in 2022 than it was in 1860. The average northern and average southerner at that time would almost certainly have gotten along far more easily than would a rural West Virginian and a resident of Los Angeles nowadays.

Kinzinger seems to be aware of this, as he acknowledged that a new civil war would have nothing to do with state lines or easily distinguishable armies.

Careful what you wish for

The first American Civil War was defined primarily by geography, a feature which has been absent from most civil wars in history.

Kinzinger claimed that a new war in America would be waged through targeted assassinations and disjointed militia activities which would touch nearly every part of the country.

President Biden and other Democrats have claimed that war against the federal government is unthinkable in an age of drones and F-15s, but Kinzinger is somewhat closer to the truth.

The main barrier preventing armed conflict in the United States is the fact that most Americans aren’t particularly interested in exchanging gunfire with their neighbors.

Proclamations by Kinzinger and the media about “insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” and other hyperbolic labeling will spark such a conflict if anything ever will.

Kinzinger’s allies in the Democratic Party have been able to mobilize federal resources against the right to an unprecedented extent since Biden took office. If the Congressman is so worried about starting a war, he might suggest to his friends that they stop acting like we’re already in one.

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