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Biden Dept of Homeland Security Releases New Threat Warning for Americans

The Biden Department of Homeland Security is attempting to spread paranoia with a nationwide “heightened threat environment” announcement claiming that right-wing terrorist attacks are imminent. The department has been at the forefront of Biden’s “domestic war on terror,” a largely nonexistent threat. Tellingly, the announcement makes a number of outlandish and misleading claims, without providing any real justification for the heightened threat level.

Homeland Security targets the right

Domestic terrorism driven by the American right is effectively nonexistent and there are no credible reports to suggest that anyone is actively working to change this.

The domestic war on terror is essentially nothing more than a political intimidation campaign directed against ideological opponents of the Biden regime.

This reality received widespread attention last year through the administration’s threats of federal action to pursue school board protesters, but the danger extends far beyond that.

The Department of Homeland Security says that its “heightened threat environment” is being driven  by online “misinformation” which undermines trust in the federal government.

The department’s bulletin baselessly suggests that this “could potentially inspire acts of violence” without offering any evidence to support that claim.

This administration is the first in American history to explicitly say that allowing criticism of the government online is a threat to public safety.

Freedom of speech at risk

This shocking claim highlights the immense danger the “domestic war on terror” poses to the free speech and civil liberties of the American people.

The Department of Homeland Security is only barely attempting to hide the targets of its campaign. There is, of course, no reference to Antifa or Black Lives Matter rioters.

The American right is the obvious priority, and anything which contradicts the official stance of the federal government is now liable to be identified as inciting terrorist activity.

Republicans in Congress have made some efforts to address the partisan weaponization of the FBI and Department of Justice, but the Department of Homeland Security clearly needs their attention as well.

Pronouncements from federal officials regarding their campaign against domestic terror are almost universally vague and speculative, as there is little concrete material for them to use.

Clearly, however, the Biden administration feels no need to present any evidence before declaring that its critics are contributing to a nationwide terrorist threat.

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