FINALLY: AG Barr Makes His Move

Attorney General William Barr finally made a decisive move on Thursday, to do something about the alleged election fraud, sending federal investigators to Michigan to follow up on a startling admission from a Post Office whistleblower. The furious mail handler demands to know, “How are we going to have any integrity in this country if we are just going to let things slide?” The AG agreed and sent in the troops.

Attorney General Barr dispatches the troops

Patriots across America are closely watching the protracted vote counting process, worried that the Democrat fix is in. Warning signs have been in the air for months and everything seems to be proceeding just as predicted. It looks an awful lot like President Donald Trump won the election and the Deep State is trying real hard to steal it from him. Nobody is going to believe the results unless every single vote is verified as valid before it gets counted. Attorney General Barr agrees and took steps to do something about it.

No matter how angry it makes Democrats, they can’t stop William Barr from sending in armed poll watchers to the rooms with the boarded up windows, where nobody wants anyone to watch the counting. It’s time to “Stop the Steal” American patriots declare.

Early on Wednesday, as confirmed by three knowledgeable insiders, Department of Justice official Richard Donoghue sent an email at 1:30 a.m. clarifying that the law which “bans armed federal authorities from being at the polls on Election Day does not apply to polling stations and locations that are counting ballots after that day.” That decision cleared the way for Barr to make it happen.

The cavalry has finally arrived

Speculation as to when the special investigators would hit the streets didn’t last long because as local news in Michigan reports, “the cavalry has finally arrived.” They were sent in to investigate whistleblower claims that ballots were being rushed off to be counted the day after the election. It seems that the Post Office was in on an intentional election fraud conspiracy. Barr is investigating.

Politifact was quick to label the whistleblower’s claim false, saying that officially, the state isn’t allowed to accept them after election day. What they don’t want to discuss is what happens if they were accepted anyway? Even though they weren’t supposed to. Attorney General Barr wants to know and he’s going to find out. “federal investigators arrived in the state on Thursday.”

the United States Postal Service asked them to look into a Traverse City post office where “a USPS whistleblower in Michigan” claims to have witnessed “organized voter fraud.” They had a special bin for every ballot that came in the day after the election. Each ballot was hand stamped with the previous day’s date, November 3, which was election day. They were placed in “express” pouches and rushed to the voting centers. They weren’t legally supposed to be accepted but every indication is that they were. Probably illegally counted as well.

  1. This is possibly Too Little Too Late! There needs to be re-counts in every one of these States! Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. I mean recounts by federal officials too! Not just the same groups, that did the counts in the first place . Why would you let a crook back into this process, that they already falsidied once! Makes no sense. The heads of every one of these voting polling places is a Democrat in a Democrat controlled State, for Crin Out Loud!

  2. It’s good that AG Barr is finally doing something about voter fraud. It is my hope that he can do something to offset fraud already completed and to make further fraud impossible. That said, it was Barr who stated that the Durham investigation could not be discussed prior to the election because of the precedent that disallows the Justice Department from election interference. Well, the election is over and it looks like Barr has given us a corrupt Democrat criminal as our next president. It’s well past time to go public with the entire file, including all indictments and a full summary of the treachery leveled at the Trump administration by the crooked Obama administration, including the laws broken by our new president. It’s the least that can be done-after all, there is still a significant percentage of the population which believes that Trump was a Russian agent. It’s likely too damned late for justice, but it’d never too late for the truth.

    1. Barr made it perfectly clear, months ago, that he has NO intentions of pursuing ANYTHIG substantive with respect to the corruption in the DNC. The most that can be expected from this Dunsel AG, is more pontification, bloviation and impotent threats. He’s shown himself to be either as incompetent as was Sessions, or complicit with the DNC.

  3. How can some be so uneducated about how elections are carried out, the first thing is that every election has both parties involved in them from the time of the Primaries until after the swearing in of a candidate, now in every state the votes are monitored by both parties state representatives, and other observers. Now in Michigan how was anyone suppose to concentrate on their job of counting and registering the votes with people banging on the windows and screaming, which I am sure is against the law in most states, why would it not be considered interfering with a election, if you are harassing the vote counters who are already being observed by both party observers, who would think that any election would be totally in the hands of one political party. Stirring up unrest about an election, with false accusations and vicious rumors is all done to further divide this USA, and like Lincoln said “United we stand Divided we fall.” exactly what Russia has been trying hard to do since WWII and looks like they are getting good results, and it is not the Democrats who want the Autocratic Government that Russia is, and in no way is or ever Russia been Communist it is Autocratic with one person making all the laws and rules with no one else having any say.

    1. This is the problem the Republicans were not allowed in to do their jobs, this is what all the noise is about. A fraudulent counting of illegal ballots that should never have been counted. The other thing is when people are filling in ballots during the counting process should never happen. This was also going on, get your head out of your butt and find out what is really going on before you open your mouth again.

  4. everything should be on hold, until the supreme court enters the scenario, to make this right. the dems are like madmen, doing anything they can get away with. and they are getting away with plenty. the trouble is we have no law enforcement? what in hell has happened to bill barr?

  5. This will not be completed satisfactorily unless some heads roll and people are locked up for committing massive fraud against this country. Maybe, just maybe there will be people who will not be so willing to engage in this blatant criminal behavior.

  6. Trump was right all along ,Good on AG Barr about time to get down to all the corrupted officials and democRAT. I wonder where obama is hiding?

  7. I agree, New peoplle to count the votes in the key states! ASAP! I am certain that the donkeys did steal the election. insitutions alined to make it happen.!
    How terrible, the man who helped America the most is he man who was finally betrayed by enemies within who benefited from his accomplishments. Because, everyone benefitted, hey just hated him so much. This is a POLITICAL COUP IF I EVER SAW ONE.!

  8. Get the names of the USPS bosses’ involved fraudulently, arrest them, get them to spill the beans. Find out who ordered/paid them to commit fraud & arrest them. Keep going on up the chain. Folliw the money. Do this for every instance of voter fraud/suppression, such as:

    — Other USPS instances,
    — Everywhere Trump poll observers were not allowed to observe ballot counting, especially Filthydelphia,
    — The lady in Arizona giving Trump voters sharpies instead of ball point pens. Find out if there were other such “people” like her in other voting districts,
    — The guy who covered the ballot counting room windows in Detroit,
    — Et Cetera, Et Cetera, Et Cetera.

    Think ya got the point.


  9. Our country is lost when you let criminals run the country including criminal Joe Biden and his running mate Kamela Harris, Facebook, Twitter, Google and our TV stations as NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, WASHINGTON POST, NY TIMES and many others including crooked pollsters. We will now be like Venezuela with the most corrupt Democratic Party on the face of this Earth with corrupt Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Omar at the head of this corrupt county. This election was stolen from President Trump and he should never give up fighting to be our President.

  10. What if some people saw how this Mail-in ballot voting could be rigged and did something about it.

    This Patent for exemple, Patent# US20200258338A1, assigned to the USPS, here is the Abstract: A voting system can use the security of blockchain and the mail to provide a reliable voting system. A registered voter receives a computer readable code in the mail and confirms identity and confirms correct ballot information in an election. The system separates voter identification and votes to ensure vote anonymity, and stores votes on a distributed ledger in a blockchain.

    Now if someone only could have implemented this system into all the legal ballots beforehand without telling anyone it would have made discovering the fake ballots so easy. If that would be true, a lot of people could be going to jail soon.

  11. Attorney General William Barr finally made a decisive move on Thursday, to do something about the alleged election fraud, sending federal investigators to Michigan to follow up on a startling admission from a Post Office whistleblower

    Barr thinks he and the DOJ can get to the bottom of this scandal by the Middle of November 2024 if they keep at it non stop.

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