Videos Emerge Countering Democrat Narrative About Jan 6th

The videos which just surfaced destroy the Democrat narrative in a thermonuclear flash. It’s been a full seven months since barbarians invaded the U.S. Capitol Building, on “Q,” January 6. The events of that day will eventually be sliced and diced as heavily as the incidents around a grassy knoll in Dallas. Right now, it’s being used as the focal point of a Democrat dog and pony show designed to railroad all the Trump Train deplorables off to FEMA camp. That won’t work thanks to Jack Posobiec and others who had their cell cams rolling.

Videos destroy false narrative

The FBI has “over 14,000 hours of footage” but they’re sitting on it. They refuse to make a single frame of it available to the public. That’s okay, the public has videos too. Some of them were just released which were designed to show Nancy Pelosi the meaning of the word “transparency.”


That’s one she ripped out of her dictionary the day she looked up “tea-totaler.” Somebody said she wasn’t one but she thought she’d better look it up anyway. Pelosi thought it meant something to do with Sarah Palin until she got back to the office to learn the truth.

The videos just released are conveniently timestamped. Each one was recovered from “a restored Parler video archive” and document clearly how the peaceful protests “escalated into riots.”

They also show a drastic difference between the mob of barbarian extremists on the West side of the building and the real Trump supporters on the East side. The East side wasn’t getting with the riot. So, the Capitol Police seem to have started one.


All it takes to get Deplorables angry is “reckless and indiscriminate police discharge of pepper spray and stun grenades into the the crowd.” That’s what the videos show. Leadership who were either incompetent, corrupt, or both, allowed unprecedented security lapses.

Considering all that had happened ahead of that day, security should have been on highest alert across the district. It wasn’t and that seems to be intentional. After all it was a really important day. The Electoral College was expected to certify the 2020 election. Americans from coast-to-coast were glued to their screens. National Guard and Police troops were there, but not in nearly the numbers everyone had suggested.

Started with a diversion

The left-leaning New York Times was thoughtful enough to provide a timeline to match up with the videos. It may be biased but it helps sort out what happened when. Things start to get interesting at around 12:49. On the West side of the Capitol grounds, where the alleged FBI front “QAnon” was gathering their hand picked and personally invited followers, “law enforcement responds to a pipe bomb threat.”

Both Democrat and Republican buildings were targeted. Everyone is convinced they were planted as a diversion. The Federal Bureau of Instigation still claims to have no idea who planted them and they don’t seem to be looking real hard either. Half the bureau is convinced the Russians planted them to help Trump. One thing is certain, all the police zoomed in to “evacuate two congressional buildings” and were not securing the Capitol Building.

The Times reports that the “first barriers were breached” at 12:53 p.m. at the Northwest side of the Capitol. This is where the videos start to get helpful. That alleged “breach” was not a howling mob out for the blood of Mike Pence. Instead, “one young, muscular, clean-cut man deciding to take off his backpack and lead protesters to push against the barricade.”

What The Times calls a “clash” between the “group” and a “small contingent of officers” was caught on film as “a police officer shoving back an old man.” When Trump announced his “call to action” was a full 20 minutes later and “a mile and a half away.” Around 1:00 p.m. “hundreds” of unstable radicals, mostly followers of “Q” started “filing into the Capitol grounds.”

Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence started the certification at 1:03 p.m. and by 1:11 p.m., everything was “relatively calm on the East side of the Capitol.” By 1:15, the West side was a full on battle. There “are videos of police and extremists exchanging chemical spray.” The East side was still remarkably more peaceful, even though “the crowd is growing louder, with flag-waving and chants of USA!” The crowd “appears to be relatively under control.”

The cops open fire at 1:19 p.m. The clips show “police training pepper ball guns and stun grenade launchers on the protesters. You can hear demonstrators shouting, ‘Peaceful protest!’ repeatedly.” One incident, captured by Jack Posobiec at 1:24 p.m. shows “a crowd that has still remained relatively restrained.” Then, he notes, “the stun grenades start flying. This video of a flash bang being launched directly at a protester is at 1:25 p.m. You can hear the crowd booing the police.” One thing is certain, don’t fire on Blue Lives Matter supporters. “We’re supposed to be supporting Blue Lives Matter. We represent Blue Lives and this is what they do to us! When Black Lives Matter say Blue Lives don’t, we say you do. And this is what you do?”


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