Trump Cuts Ties With Sidney

President Trump has reportedly cut ties with Attorney Sidney Powell, and the media is happily speculating on the reasons behind the move.

Blocking Powell

Powell released a statement to Fox News, saying, “I have been blocked by White House counsel and others from seeing or speaking to the President since I raised the public formal findings and even more evidence of foreign interference from Iran and China.”

Giuliani confirmed that Powell is not a member of Trump’s legal team this week.

“Let me say definitely, Sidney Powell was not part of our legal team. She hasn’t been for five weeks. She is not a special counsel for the president; she does not speak for the president, nor does she speak for the administration. She speaks for herself,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani went on to add that “whatever she is talking about, it’s her own opinions. … I’m not responsible for them, the president isn’t, nor is anybody else on our legal team.”

Unexpected Media Response

Surprisingly, the left-wing mainstream media aren’t the only people trying to push their fact-free opinions on the American people. Ryan Saavedra, a Daily Wire writer being excoriated by readers for his bias and support for “the swamp,” decided to fill his article with digs at Sidney Powell and unnecessary opinions.

According to Saavedra, Sidney Powell “will not be given a ‘special counsel’ position to probe her unproven claims on election fraud.”

Saavedra went on to use opinions from the left-wing news outlet The Daily Beast to support his attacks on Powell, who the majority of his conservative reader-base support. He included the news outlet’s statement that Trump had been considering “giving [Powell] such a formal portfolio for pursuing her conspiracy theories around voter irregularities and fraud.”

While Saavedra and the left-wing media agree on their assumption that Powell is being iced out because her claims of election fraud are “conspiracy theories,” reality seems to dictate that there is a better explanation.

Most conservatives believe President Trump and his legal team are distancing themselves from Sidney Powell for a few reasons. First, because she is Michael Flynn‘s attorney, and pardoning him would have been seen as a conflict of interest if the president employed his lawyer. Second, because they were aware of the possibility that Dominion Voting Systems and other voting machine companies that Powell is accusing of fraud may sue for defamation, and did not want those defamation suits to involve the president.

It is obvious that President Trump and other members of his legal team agree with many of Sidney Powell’s allegations of election fraud, so the idea that Saavedra and the mainstream media are pushing makes no sense.

Obviously, the Daily Wire is typically biased towards conservatism, and most of their articles include opinions. Their audience is conservative, and wants the news to be reported factually. They don’t mind hearing the writers’ opinions, but they draw the line at relaying opinions as if they were facts.

Daily Wire Readers Call Saavedra Out

One Daily Wire reader’s comment summed up all of the criticisms of this writer: “saavedra’s bias in all of this is telling and obvious, from his title headings, to his deviation from actual fact into his own opinion by using those that would have similar opinion, to ignoring the obvious like that separation between Powell and President Trump’s team has to be made to avoid defamation cases effecting the President like they’re effecting Powell now for her rightly attacking dominion fraud. saavedra’s basically one of the ‘business as usual’ spineless gop types that’s eager to get back to swamp politics at this point.”


Other Daily Wire readers went even further, calling out the conservative news outlet for hiring Saavedra, and talking about ending their subscriptions.

One user wrote: “Another Ryan Saavedra article with half context statement cherry picked to make Sydney Powell to look bad. Good job on this hire DW. Please hire people who present all the information and not just edit for their bias. He is no better then CNN.”

Another reader stated: “The Ryan Savvedra is absolute garbage. DW is so disappointing. This is coming from a LONGTIME but FORMER subscriber. I only come here to chat and read what you folks have to say. Not for any of the drivel coming from the DW.”

Accusing the Daily Wire of supporting ‘the swamp,’ one user wrote: “DailyLiar can’t wait for Trump to be gone and to return to the swamp. NeverTrumpers like Ben never change.”

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  1. She’s been at the WH at least 3 times this past week.
    I don’t think the entire story is out there.
    She never was part of the President’s team.
    She is pursuing a different path than they.
    POTUS also had others at the WH to discuss what has happened but they aren’t part of the team either.
    He’s getting info from multiple sources.

  2. Everyone should listen to Dave Janda’s interview with Patrick Byrne, who spoke out about his White House meeting, believing the White House Counsel leaked disinformation to the New York Times. Byrne believes Trump is being subverted by his legal advisors- and that Rudy Giuliani, Sidney and General Flynn are all trying to give Trump sound advice he needs to continue to fight this massively corrupt stolen election. He said there was an agreement to bring Sidney on board, get her a White House pass, but this was undone by Trump’s senior staff after the meeting. This reminds me of the shenanigans in the BBC series, “Yes, Minister. ” If this is the case, heads need to roll. Sidney, General Flynn & Rudy are patriots and fighters– Trump needs them by his side.

  3. Without a shred of fact, the MSM continues it’s false narratives.
    This claim about shred is disputed.

  4. I think Sydney Powell is in it for the long run. She will find proof of her accusations, but it may take months (or longer). Sadly, I see her work as a book similar to “JFK, the Man and ther Myth.” Although true, it’ll get old, and very few will pay attention to her conclusions.

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