Michael Flynn Drops ANOTHER Bombshell

Michael Flynn Drops ANOTHER Bombshell

In an interview on Fox News, General Michael Flynn said that counterintelligence officials should be investigating connections between a Chinese spy and Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell, instead of wasting resources investigating him and President Trump.

A recent report from Axios showed a link between Swalwell and a woman named Christine Fang, a suspected Chinese spy linked to several Democrat political figures.

“While the counterintelligence structure, and system, and leadership were focused on Mike Flynn and President Donald J. Trump, they should have been focused on Swalwell. And I will tell you that if there’s one smoking bush there with Swalwell, I guarantee you there’s others,” Flynn said.


Swalwell and his office have refused to answer any questions about his relationship with the alleged spy, especially the question of whether he was sexually or romantically involved with her. The California Democrat has repeatedly claimed he did not reveal any information to Fang, who he has been associated with since 2012, when he was a city councilman.

The Axios report confirms that the spy helped fundraise for Swalwell’s 2014 congressional campaign, and had placed an intern in his office. This led to speculation among many conservatives, and even Democrats, about the nature of their relationship, as FBI surveillance captured at least two of Fang’s sexual relationships with Democrat politicians.

Swalwell’s hypocrisy is blatant at this point. He knew that he had been compromised by a Chinese spy long before he claimed in 2017 that Flynn was compromised due to his contact with the Russian ambassador.


“Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador are part of a larger pattern of Russian involvement with and support for Trump and his team before and since the 2016 election,” Swalwell said in a 2017 statement issued after Flynn had resigned from his position as Trump’s first national security adviser.

Despite the fact that the Russia investigation turned up no evidence of President Trump or Michael Flynn having inappropriate ties with Russia, Democrats still claim Trump and Flynn are guilty, while ignoring the allegations against members of their own party.

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