President Trump Announces NEW EVIDENCE

President Trump Announces NEW EVIDENCE

President Trump made a quick announcement on Twitter that has conservatives very curious, and the media jumping to try to spin his tweet as the ravings of a mad man.

The president has been tweeting and sharing tweets about election fraud and irregularities nonstop, which many see a signal that something big is coming.

“Big news coming out of Pennsylvania. Very big illegal ballot drop that cannot be accounted for. Rigged Election!” Trump tweeted.

It is unclear what ballot drop he is referring to, but people are eagerly awaiting the news. In the meantime, the president has been sharing tweets highlighting the incongruities in the election results.

This tweet in particular is concerning, which was shared by President Trump on the morning of December 21. It reads: “America is 50 states. Minus the states in question Trump won 25, Biden won 16. Those states house 2974 counties. Trump won 2496, Biden on [sic] 477. Trump won 84% of America, Biden ‘won’ 16%.”

How is it possible, in a legitimate election, that the “winner” only won 477 out of 2974 counties?

Another important tweet shared by President Trump is a video clip of Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, discussing the differences between the outcry after the 2016 election and the 2020 election.

The tweet, written by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), read: “As @SenatorLankford pointed out, in 2016 Democrats were interested in fixing problems to prevent election interference. This year they just want to ignore irregularities and just move on. What changed?”

President Trump also shared another video clip from a hearing, where Senator Rand Paul is discussing the fact that sixty court cases about election fraud have been dismissed primarily for procedural reasons, and how Democrats are claiming that this proves no fraud occurred.

“My hearing examining irregularities in the 2020 election was important. Many issues and questions were raised that deserve investigation and answers: 1) @RandPaul and Judge Starr talked about how courts really didn’t evaluate evidence of fraud at all,” the tweet by Senator Johnson read.

  1. “This claim about election fraud is disputed” is dishonest….a lie. There was obvious election fraud and thousands of people have signed affidavits under the penalty of perjury, people of all parties, what irregularities they witnessed. Additionally, statistically, the computers changed votes in ways that don’t equal whole numbers, an impossibility in an honest election.

  2. The communist democrats have been plotting this for 4 years on how to use the dominion machines and flooding the country with paper ballots that are not secured. Rather than do the work of the people, they have been plotting this coup to take Liberty and Freedom form all Americans. They need to be stopped.

  3. Surely this article does not pass for information on the election problems. All this article has created is proof of election fraud with just enough information to know the election is not LEGAL!! WE THE PEOPLE should demand ALL the election laws be followed and the full hearings of any problems be filmed for public viewing. WE THE PEOPLE are getting sick and tired of the lies, fraud and cover ups connected with OUR elections. Our funds pay for these dog and pony show elections and WE deserve much more than such as this partial truth telling. Politicians and elected officials have WE THE PEOPLE to the point we know when their mouths are moving face to face with us or making a video for us to see they are only partially telling the whole truth. SHAMEFUL!

  4. Anyone with a brain knows NO politician can sit in his basement the entire election cycle and not go out in the public and campaign would get 80 million votes ! That scenario defies all logic if there was no fraud involved !

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