The Truth About NPR Has Finally Been Exposed

It’s about time someone noticed the true nature of NPR. National Public Radio is not only funded by taxpayers, it also seems to be heavily slanted to the left. That’s why it just got slapped with a dubious distinction. The label “state-affiliated media,” as carried by outlets like Russia’s RT and China’s Xinhua.

Propaganda outlets

The controversy erupted into the limelight when Elon Musk and Twitter placed the label “U.S. state-affiliated media” on the NPR Twitter account Tuesday night. National Public Radio isn’t happy about it.

They say it implies the “Washington-based nonprofit news organization is somehow connected to, if not controlled by, the federal government.” They sure act like it. After all, it was established by an act of Congress. Despite their screams, liberals really have nothing to complain about.

NPR gets most of it’s funding, either directly or indirectly, through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. That was started by former President Lyndon Johnson. CPB still gets almost all of their money from Congress. Not only that, “In 1969, the CPB talked to private groups to start PBS.

The public TV version of public radio is an entity specifically “intended by the CPB to circumvent controversies engendered by certain NET public affairs programs that aired in the late 1960s and engendered opposition by politically conservative public figures, potentially threatening the medium’s future viability.” In other words, NPR is radically liberal and funded by the state. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says.

Progressives are losing their minds over Twitter’s label because the “designation puts NPR, which has 8.8 million followers on the site, in the same category as propaganda outlets like the Russian-government-owned RT and the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper.

They cry foul because “Twitter has not slapped that label on several media organizations that are substantially funded by government. The Voice of America, the BBC and the U.S. military newspaper Stars and Stripes, among others.” That’s a valid point. Maybe they should have that label too. Some say it would be a good idea to out the sponsorship arrangements of all media outlets. The talking heads can come out in suits covered with all the patches.

Compromised independence

The big nasty slander behind the “state-affiliated” designation of NPR is the idea that the phrase comes with “strong connotations of compromised editorial independence.” Their editors are free to produce what they want. Each and every one are vetted and verified card carrying progressives with total faith in Klaus Schwab, Agenda 2030 and anything to do with the New World Order.

Not a single one of their staff would think about thinking about running a piece which might slant aggressively conservative. Nobody forces editorial decisions on them, they’re totally free to be themselves.

The major source of cash for NPR, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, “is slated to receive $525 million in its next fiscal year — money that goes to PBS, NPR and hundreds of public TV and radio stations.

Those local stations hand it right back to NPR and PBS as programming fees. On Tuesday, April 4, they begged Twitter to “remove the ‘state‘ designation.” On Wednesday, they followed it up with an official statement.

According to NPR president and chief executive John Lansing, they “were disturbed to see last night that Twitter has labeled NPR as ‘state-affiliated media.‘ NPR and our Member stations are supported by millions of listeners who depend on us for the independent, fact-based journalism we provide. NPR stands for freedom of speech and holding the powerful accountable. It is unacceptable for Twitter to label us this way.

Acceptable or not, as long as the label stays stuck, Twitter “will not recommend or amplify [such] accounts or their tweets.

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