Chicago Mayor and Joe Biden Met, But it Wasn’t to Discuss the Overwhelming Rise in Violent Crime

Imperial Leader Joe Biden was tackled by the alleged Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, as soon as he made it down the stairs from Air Force One without tripping. On Wednesday July 7, His Wisdom touched down at O’Hare with no intention of sticking around the crime riddled inner city. He also had no intention of saying one single word about the out of control crime problem the Democrat run city is infested with. Instead, as soon as he untangled himself from Lightfoot, he headed off to a suburban Illinois community college. There, he was slated to fill in liberals on the latest progressive two part scheme.

Biden ignores Chicago crime

The last thing his handlers at the Palace want him to talk about is the rampant gun violence plaguing the windy city. They loaded him up with notes and a script on his “human infrastructure” and “American Families Plan” schemes.

Human infrastructure is illegal aliens to handle the shovel work needed to rebuild the roads. The plan for American families is to destroy them. Chicago taxpayers are killing each other off in droves but the Palace doesn’t want to factor that in to the calculations.


Biden couldn’t get his armored motorcade out to the Chicago suburbs fast enough. Instead of a real college, he went to a smaller community college. One where he might actually get enough of an audience to close all the gaps in the seats.

He’s there to explain that the coming infrastructure projects are a two-part plan. First, the smaller, more realistic package will be passed with bipartisan support. Then the Democrats promise to pack up all the pork they can find and stuff it into a separate package. Once they have everything they could possibly desire in their wildest fantasies listed, they’ll force it down the throat of Congress unilaterally and send taxpayers the bill.


Conservative outlets note “Biden’s theme of family happiness and light was designed to resonate with suburban parents, college graduates and the working poor.” There are a lot of those there in Chicago. “”There’s a lot of work ahead of us to finish the job, but we’re going to get it done,” he hopes.

“We’re going to reimagine what our economy and our future could be.” To Joe Biden, that means “We’re going to spend our way out of bankruptcy.” He tried that before under Obama and nearly killed the economy completely until Once and Future President Donald Trump came along.

Not word about dead cops

Even the liberal reporters seemed to notice that Joe Biden didn’t say one single word about the CPD officer gunned down beside two federal ATF agents on the South Side only “hours before he landed at O’Hare Airport,” Chicago Sun-Times writes.

That “chance was missed even as the deaths mount and community frustration at the lack of action by Lightfoot builds.”

It’s no surprise that a city Alderman would call Chicago “a city under siege.” What is unusual is that it was a Democrat who said that. Raymond Lopez is not happy with Mayor Lightfoot.

The Democratic Party, he notes, “on so many levels seems to be enamored with the mentality of being enablers to criminality.” Antifa® brand anarchy is running rampant. Law and order are things of the past and citizens are returning to the days of do it yourself vigilante justice.

Official Palace Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki clarified later that His Wisdom did talk to Mayor Lightfoot about the out of control crime in Chicago, except it’s secret. The exchange, she declares, “will remain private.” Kind of like the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in Phoenix.

That was when they talked about “the grandkids.” And how terrible it would be if something was to happen to hers. President Biden expressed his personal support for the two ATF officials” she claims. He “reiterated his commitment to working with the mayor and leaders” in the fight against gun violence. She means fight against guns. She also “conveyed that the Department of Justice would soon be in touch about the strike force announced just a few weeks ago.” Sure he did.

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