The Tangled Web of Dominion, Smartmatic, and their Shell Companies

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.”, Sir Walter Scott wrote that famous quote in 1806. 214 years later Tracy Beanz, Editor-in-Chief of UncoverDC paraphrased it to describe the web of lies, deceit, and shady dealings that allowed  Sequoia, Smartmatic and Dominion to place easily manipulated voting systems into “some 600 US jurisdictions in 22 states“. Beanz found the connections revealed in a 2012 legal filing between Smartmatic and SVS holdings, which owned Sequoia.

Tracy continued,

“Note how they restructure to get around the concerns of CFIUS. Totally on the up and up, right?? Not only do they acknowledge that, but they also talk about the issues that Sequoia had with the election in the Philippines. (See screen shots) There is a lot more here, but anyone arguing that there are no foreign ties with these companies is out of their minds. Here is the case: courtlistener.com/recap/gov.usco Note how the elections are alleged to have been “rigged”? Guess who now owns Sequoia?

Aaaaand wait for it: Tracy dropped the bombshell, “Dominion Canada— Involved in the NYS Elections? Surely that can’t be true, because they are an American company… Right?” Dominion Canada in April 2009 made an asset purchase from Sequoia for $2.366 million in cash. The assets they bought? Their Master Agreement with the State of New York.

The Venezuelan Connection

The filing read in part:

In 2006, various political issues arose, and United States authorities became aware that Sequoia, through Smartmatic, was indirectly owned by Venezuelan Citizens. The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS”) began reviewing Smartmatic’s purchase of Sequoia”

Beanz revealed in a massive twitter thread that legal documents have, revealed Sequoia’s (and thus Dominion’s) ties to Venezuela. Lance Edelman a Network management and Edge Computing expert visualized the relationship:

A Philippine Test-Run?

This filing also revealed that Dominion suffered massive failures managing the 2010 Election in the Philippines, an election which swept the Liberal Candidate Benigno Simeon Aquino III into power and resulted in a legal challenge from Vice Presidential Candidate Mar Roxas.

“In 2010, Roxas filed an electoral protest against former Vice President Jejomar Binay, claiming that there was a high incidence of null and misread votes in the certificates of canvass in all precincts nationwide.” inquirer.net wrote.

Sound familiar? Reading about the results of Roxas’ legal challenge will give you serious De ja vu’, check this out:

“But in 2016, the PET(President Election Tribunal) decided to junk his poll protest on the ground of “mootness” as Vice President Leni Robredo already assumed office before a resolution was made.”

According to the legal filings revealed by UncoverDC’s Tracy Beanz “Dominion International breached its obligations under the License agreement by…failing to deliver fully functional technology for use in the 2010 Philippines national election; failing to provide timely technical support during and after the Philippines election; failing to place in escrow the required source code, hardware design and manufacturing information.

So here’s the breakdown of the web:

In 2010, Dominion Voting Systems who has a, shall we say: complex, relationship with Sequoia, Smartmatic and thus Venezuelan dictators, sold machines and software to the Philippines which resulted in a Liberal victory tainted by accusations of fraud and irregularity. In 2020, Dominion Voting Systems who has a, shall we say: complex, relationship with Sequoia, Smartmatic and thus Venezuelan dictators and Chinese Investors sold machines and software to “some 600 US jurisdictions in 22 states” which resulted in a Liberal ‘victory’ tainted by accusations of fraud and irregularity.

There’s a cliché about smoke and fire isn’t there? Well, you get the point. The difference is that the American people aren’t likely to take this lying down. This isn’t a dispute over a narrow, plurality victory for a Vice Presidential seat in a South-Pacific island nation, this is the fierce battle for control over the most powerful nation on the planet.




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