Breaking: Biden Unveils Another Dog Faced Pony Soldier Policy… What Would Cornpop Have to Say?

Guess what just happened over at the Imperial Palace? His Wisdom Joe Biden just announced the imperialist faction in congress is putting yet another dog faced pony soldier policy in motion. Amnesty for illegals. Cornpop would get out a rusty straight razor if Joe showed up at the old neighborhood swimming hole now.

Biden unveils amnesty

On Thursday, Imperial Leader Biden pulled the cover off a “massive new immigration bill” designed to advance the goals of open borders globalism starting with amnesty. As socialists describe, the popular bill has provisions ranging from “altering legal terms to providing a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.”

Progressives are lobbying hard for an end to the filibuster if conservatives “do not support the bill.” The idea is ram it through any way they can.


As it sits, Nancy Pelosi only has a razor thin five-vote advantage in the House. The Senate is split evenly based on reported party affiliation but when you split on conservative verses imperialist philosophy, the globalists are way ahead and following the instructions put out by Biden and his handlers.

The proposed law wants a “pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens” in only eight years. Also the word “alien” will be erased from history. The new word will be “noncitizen” that way breaking and entering won’t seem so much like a “crime.”

Latin Americans were getting jealous of all the pallets of cash earmarked for the Ayatollah so they’re demanding a fair cut of the goods. The Biden approved amnesty bill also “sends billions of American taxpayer dollars to Latin America.”


His wisdom calls it “an effort to address the root causes of illegal immigration to the U.S.” His critics beg to differ, they “often point to America’s lax immigration laws and economic/welfare incentives, known as ‘magnets,’ as a major contributing factor in what draws massive waves of migrants to the U.S. border.”

Rolling the red carpet out

Joe Biden and the rest of the Imperial Palace staff can’t wait to dust off Barack Obama’s red carpet and roll it right down to meet the rapidly forming caravans preparing to move north. The Amnesty bill “provides funding for more immigration judges and puts an emphasis on access to counsel.”

With Donald Trump’s draconian instance on border security over and done with, they have millions for “counsel for children and vulnerable individuals.” They are also doing away with the the “one-year limit for filing an asylum case.”

Joe Biden can’t wait to sign the measure because it does such wonderful things as “repeal the bars to reentering the United States if an individual had previously been illegally residing in the country.”

They also want to make maids, nannys and landscapers plentiful again by increasing “the number of available so-called diversity visas, which are awarded by random selection in select countries to promote immigration from places that don’t otherwise send many immigrants to the US.” Kind of an advertising program.

At the controversial CNN Town Hall last week Biden seemed to touch on the amnesty issue but it’s hard to follow his deranged way of saying it. “There’s things that I would deal by itself, but not at the expense of saying, ‘I’m never going to do the other.'”

Whatever that means. Nobody cares because he ended with “There is a reasonable path to citizenship.” That’s the magic word. Amnesty is all that matters.

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