Breaking News: Top Secret Chinese Documents LEAKED

Breaking News: Top Secret Chinese Documents LEAKED

Leaked government documents prove that top Chinese leaders are directly linked to efforts to carry out a genocide against Uyghur Muslims within China, yet Democrats and the mainstream media still refuse to discuss the issue or sanction China for their actions.

Since 2014, the Chinese Communist Party has been accused of trying to exterminate the Uyghur Muslim minority group living in the western area of the country. Some estimates show that the CCP are holding as many as one million individuals in concentration camps, the majority of whom are Uyghurs.

China has long had the goal of clamping down on Uyghurs in an attempt to stop their religious worship, as religion is directly antithetical to communism. In order to keep their stranglehold on the population of their country, the CCP has to promote atheism, and push the communist party and Chinese President Xi Jinping as the only god-like figures in citizens’ lives. As their religious beliefs are a direct threat to that narrative, the CCP sees the Uyghurs as a threat to their power.

After news began to spread of the Uyghur concentration camps in Xinjiang province, China tried to make excuses for their actions, coming out with a statement referring to them as “vocational education and training” centers.

“Xinjiang has built a large knowledge-based, skilled and innovative workforce that meets the requirements of the new era,” the statement also notes.

Most people easily saw through that attempt at a coverup, but still, nothing has been done to hold China accountable, because most politicians, bureaucrats, and governments love Chinese money more than they value human life and morality.

GOP Representative Jim Banks pointed this out on Twitter, sharing a tweet about recently leaked documents about the concentration camps alongside a startling revelation about Democrats ignoring China’s actions.

“Reminder: Dems stripped a provision from their reconciliation bill that blocked funds from supporting the Uighur genocide in Xinjiang and haven’t explained why. In light of this document, every member of the media should be asking why they did that,” Rep. Banks tweeted.

The recently leaked documents prove that top Chinese Communist Party leaders are behind these genocidal atrocities. These 317 pages of classified Chinese state documents came from an unnamed Chinese head of state, and were leaked to the Uyghur Tribunal in September of 2021.

“They include what appears to be the first-ever leak of ‘Top secret’ (绝密) statements by a Chinese head of state in the history of the PRC,” tweeted Adrian Zenz, Senior Fellow in China Studies at the human rights nonprofit Victims of Communism, who shared information about the documents in a Twitter thread.

According to the documents, Xi Jinping and other top officials within the Chinese Communist Party were directly involved in ordering barbaric practices taking place within the concentration camps, including forced sterilizations, slave labor programs, and reeducation/brainwashing operations.

The intent behind these practices is to either directly decrease the Uyghur population within China or to force them to fully assimilate into Chinese society and lose their cultural identity.

One would hope that these leaked documents would be enough to pressure American companies and public figures allied with China to distance themselves from the genocidal regime.

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