The Legal Battle-lines are Drawn In Texas Lawsuit to SCOTUS [Infographic Map]

Texas vs. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania

The Legal Battle-lines are drawn in the most pivotal Supreme Court case of of our time. Texas vs. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania. As of this publication a total of 19 states have joined in amici curiae or “friends of the court” briefs in support of Texas’ legal arguments and 6 states have intervened as plaintiffs.


The Map above was generated based upon the information below on based upon the electoral college values of the states in question. States supporting the Texas suit are in Red, those opposing in Blue, the Defendant States are in gold and undecided or neutral States are in grey.

106 Republican Members of the US House of Representatives have also joined filed amicus briefs supporting the suit led by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA).

The Neutral States

The state of Ohio has filed an amicus brief in support of “neither party”. Attorney General Dave Yost wrote,

“Although Ohio does not endorse Texas’s proposed relief, it does endorse its call for a ruling on the meaning of the Electors Clause. More precisely, Ohio urges the Court to decide, at the earliest available opportunity, whether state courts and state executive actors violate the Electors Clause when they change the rules by which presidential elections are run.”

Iowa Governor Reynolds has denied her Attorney General permission to file an amicus in support of Texas due to her own views of the election, a move that will likely damage her political future. She told KCRG,

I have denied Attorney General Tom Miller’s request to join an amicus brief that supports the defendants in the Texas lawsuit.

While not given the opportunity, I would have requested that Iowa officially join in support of the lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General.

As I have said all along, President Trump, his campaign, and supporters have every right to pursue lawful, legal actions in the courts.

The American people deserve a fair and transparent election.

In Idaho, the situation was reversed, with the Governor Brad Little stating that he supports the Idaho Republican Party in backing the Texas lawsuit and the Attorney General opposing it. Republican AG Lawrence Wasden in a statement said the decision is necessary to protect Idaho’s sovereignty. US News reported

“As attorney general, I have significant concerns about supporting a legal argument that could result in other states litigating against legal decisions made by Idaho’s legislature and governor,” Wasden wrote. “Idaho is a sovereign state and should be free to govern itself without interference from any other state. Likewise, Idaho should respect the sovereignty of its sister states.”

Wyoming’s Governor Mark Gordon announced they will not join the suit based upon the grounds of states’ sovereignty, according to

“After significant consideration we believe that the case could have unintended consequences relating to a constitutional principle that the state of Wyoming holds dear — that states are sovereign, free to govern themselves,” Gordon said in a statement.

Wyoming supports Texas’ right to raise issues involving the U.S. Constitution, and President Donald Trump has a right to bring electoral issues for resolution in the U.S. judicial system, Gordon said.


The Battle-Lines List of Texas vs. Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania

The listing below was initially created on by user NaturalBornTexan. We have added hyperlinks to either the legal text of each response or a story relating to it if the text is unavailable. This listing is not exhaustive and will be edited as the story develops.

Plaintiff and States Supporting in Amici Curiae

(*States that have intervened as plaintiffs)

  1. Texas
  2. Missouri*
  3. Arkansas*
  4. Louisiana*
  5. Mississippi*
  6. South Carolina*
  7. Utah*
  8. Alabama
  9. Florida
  10. Indiana
  11. Kansas
  12. Montana
  13. Nebraska
  14. North Dakota
  15. Oklahoma
  16. South Dakota
  17. Tennessee
  18. West Virginia
  19. Arizona
  20. Alaska

Intervening Parties for the Plaintiff

  1. Donald J. Trump in his personal capacity as candidate.
  2. Michigan State Legislators
  3. PA State Legislators
  4. PA Voters
  5. Dr. Linda Lee Tarver
  6. Amistad Project / Thomas More Society

Supporting Parties / Amici Curiae:

  1. Constitutional Attorneys
  2. PA General Assembly
  3. PA State Senators
  4. Christian Family Coalition
  5. PA Speaker and Majority Leader
  6. 106 U.S. House Reps
  7. Arizona State Legislators
  8. Idaho State Legislators
  9. Idaho Lt. Governor
  10. Freedom Fund
  11. GA State Legislators
  12. Lin Wood

Undecided States:

  1. Idaho
  2. Iowa
  3. Kentucky
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Ohio
  6. Wyoming

Defendant States:

  1. Georgia
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Pennsylvania

States Supporting Defendants Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania in Amici Curiae:

  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Connecticut
  4. Delaware
  5. Hawaii
  6. Illinois
  7. Maine
  8. Maryland
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Minnesota
  11. Nevada
  12. New Jersey
  13. New Mexico
  14. New York
  15. North Carolina
  16. Oregon
  17. Rhode Island
  18. Vermont
  19. Virginia
  20. Washington

Territories Supporting Defendents:

  1. Guam
  2. U.S. Virgin Islands
  3. Washington DC

This situation was alluded to in comments from Rush Limbaugh December 9th.

It’s worth restating: To follow this situation to it’s logical conclusion, we could see a withdrawal of congressional delegations and even the establishment of an opposition government or secession, if the Supreme Court should refuse to hear the case, or rule against the plaintiff states. Only time will tell if this divide evolves from a political one, to a physical one.

Updates: This story was initially published listing “Washington” instead of “Wisconsin” and “Minnesota” instead of “Michigan” as plaintiffs, this has been corrected.

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