Witness Report Suspiciously Goes Missing…

A witness interview report, that’s suspiciously missing in action, spells out details of an alleged bribe involving Joe Biden. The House Oversight Committee has been trying to get their hands on it without much luck. They’re pretty sure what it says and the DOJ has already confirmed it exists. The big question that nobody wants to answer is “did the FBI bother to investigate it?” Committee Chairman James Comer is about to hold Christopher Wray in contempt. Since nobody wants the public to know what it says, Comer will keep dripping what he’s been told out to the media. For instance, he knows that the alleged payoff was a cool $5 million dollars. Beltway pundits are saying the timing matches up with Ukraine.

Biden bribe showdown

Someone offered a bribe. It wasn’t necessarily to Joe Biden but he allegedly was in the middle of it somehow. What is known is the amount was $5 million dollars and the terms of the agreement spelled out exactly what Joe was supposed to do in his part of the exchange of money.

Joe’s lawyers aren’t coming out and saying “here’s the report and here’s why it was wrong. We know because an investigation was done which proved it was false, so also, here’s the report backing that up.” While the House Oversight Committee is hammering the Biden regime relentlessly with one bombshell accusation after another, the Biden family hires the world’s most expensive attorneys and clams up tight.

Thanks to the recently released final report from very Special Prosecutor John Durham, the DOJ and FBI were clearly weaponized against Donald Trump. Instead of investigating Hillary Clinton for the crime of trying to frame her political opponent, they helped her do it. That’s called conspiracy. It’s also election interference.

If Christopher Wray didn’t have something to cover up, why not comply with the congressional subpoena? That’s why it’s more important to find out if the FBI investigated the bribe than whether a quid-pro-quo payoff happened or not.

Another thing that Comer clued the public in on is that the “informant tip is dated June 30, 2020.” That gives the world another breadcrumb to match up into a trail. Comer called it “an additional clue in the mysterious allegation that triggered a guessing game due to the Biden family’s extensive consulting work in countries where the then-VP held sway.” That year, he was consulting in Ukraine.

In a remarkable coincidence, Ukrainian officials held a press conference in Kyiv on June 13, 2020 — 17 days before the FBI tipoff — where they showed off $5 million in cash that natural gas company Burisma allegedly offered to the country’s anti-corruption officials to end an investigation.” That sounds like a bribe.

Those are Hunter’s buddies

Suddenly, things get a little more interesting. The company allegedly paying the bribe, Burisma, also paid Hunter $1 million per year. His buddy Devon Archer got a matching sum. Both sat on the company’s board of directors and did practically nothing.

As New York Post notes, “Burisma employed first son Hunter Biden from 2014 to 2019 and an executive from the firm met Vice President Biden at an April 16, 2015, dinner in Washington.

The plot thickens as we learn that the “cash seized by Ukrainian officials in 2020 was paid in American $100 bills that were put on display.” Some are suggesting that it was Joe, rather than Burisma, who ponied up the bribe cash, because it “matches the amount that Joe Biden allegedly received years earlier.

That in turn raises the suggestion that the extensive web of more than a dozen family “shell-company” LLC’s were used as a sort of “slush fund,” to influence global politics. Maybe not as elegant or gargantuan as the Clinton Foundation but still effective.

At the time, Kyiv released a statement confirming that “three Kyiv bureaucrats, including a current and a former tax official, were arrested and that an additional $1 million was offered to an office-holder working as a middleman.” During a press conference Ukrainian anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholodnytsky made a point of noting that “Biden Jr. and Biden Sr. do not appear in this particular proceeding.

Then someone approached the FBI with a bribe accusation story. Was it investigated? The world may never know. Comer spells it out. “Two-and-a-half weeks later, however, the FBI document accusing Joe Biden of bribery was created or modified.” While the committee won’t confirm the nation in question is Ukraine, they do verify that it’s “not China.” Not this time.

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