Mike Lindell Dealt Crushing Legal Blow

Mike Lindell is still taking political heat in his personal life, which only goes to show how the Democrat forces of evil work. The entire conservative movement was squashed like a bug, all at once between November and January, by unlimited Deep State resources. Every single deplorable the feds could round up, from Donald Trump on down, was debunked, discredited and/or jailed. Just to show anyone else what can happen when you tangle with the New World Order, the My Pillow CEO can’t even get a judge to back him up when liberal reporters slander him relentlessly. Talk about chilling free speech.

Lindell case tossed

U.S. District Court Judge Paul Crotty tossed the Mike Lindell defamation suit out of his courtroom like a trailer in a tornado. So what if the reporter lied? Who cares if Mike’s deplorable morals were maligned? The plaintiff “fails to state a viable defamation claim.”

Even for a recovering heroin addict who has his own network to assist recovering addicts, “the purchase of alcohol is a legal and ordinary act.” Pack up your pillow and go home.

At the beginning of the millennium, Mike Lindell invented a better pillow. He also happens to be a political conservative who supports the traditional American way. Nobody paid him much attention as he made a bundle, selling pillows through TV infomercials.

The moment he decided to use his hard earned money to back President Donald Trump to the hilt, globalist liberals painted a huge target on his back. On Friday, December 10, the court slapped him down.

The Daily Mail published a story about him which everyone involved denies ever happened. Lindell filed his suit in January, shortly after the Daily Mail claimed “he and actress Jane Krakowski, of the television show ’30 rock,’ were in a secret romance.”

They cited an “anonymous friend” as the source of their allegation. The romance itself, which both deny ever came close to happening, isn’t the big deal. The story claimed, falsely, that “he plied her with Champaign.” That doesn’t provide real good optics. This “inaccurate claim in particular was defamatory and hurt his ability to counsel addicts.”

Not a crime

Judge Crotty didn’t show any sympathy at all for the Plaintiff on Friday, when he handed down his ruling. The My Pillow Guy and Krakowski both denied the rumor and Mike claims “he had not even heard of the actress.” It doesn’t matter if the reporter lied or not.

“Even assuming the romance never happened, the above description would not defame Lindell.” That’s because “Dating an actress — secret or not — would not cause ‘public hatred,’ ‘shame,’ ‘ridicule’ or any similar feeling,” directed at the plaintiff.


“Both Lindell and Krakowski are unmarried adults,” and the story’s “alleged actions” may be lies but “typify those of a person in a consenting relationship.” No scandal there.

The judge adds, the suit “has not identified any statements in the Article that a reasonable person would view as defamatory.” So what if he’s a high profile personality with a recovery network of his own.

“The purchase of alcohol is a legal and ordinary act.” Even for recovering alcoholics or addicts. “If even more problematic depictions of alcohol consumption, such as underage drinking or alcoholism, routinely fail to qualify as defamatory in New York courts, surely no reasonable reader could find it offensive to exchange champagne or other bottles of liquor as gifts between romantic partners.”

Whether it’s true or not. Lindell “might have been embarrassed or annoyed by this tabloid Article, to be sure. But he only challenges aspects of the Article that describe routine acts accepted by society.”

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