Biden Demolishes Yet Another Essential Program

While China and Russia are building up their militaries, the U.S. on the other hand is still stuck on more ‘pronouns’. Xi and Putin are having a good, hard laugh at us … thanks to this ‘wokeness’ the Biden regime has brought us, fewer and fewer Americans are thinking about signing up with the U.S. Military now. The current recruiting situation can only be described as a disaster.

According to reports, the Army cut its force size forecasts for 2022 and 2023 in the midst of a historical recruitment battle, raising questions about general preparedness as it clings on to its “woke” program.

The news comes as the war has actually broken out in Europe between Russia and Ukraine, and China is progressively acting more and more hostile towards Taiwan. Both scenarios run the risk of spiraling out of control and could very well end with the United States being dragged into war of global proportions.

Yahoo News reported:

The local Army recruiting station was empty. The normally reliable recruiting grounds at the nearby Walmart were a bust. With the Army still thousands of soldiers short of its recruiting goal, the station commander, Sgt. 1st Class James Pulliam, dressed head to toe in camouflage, scanned a strip mall parking lot for targets.

He spotted a young woman getting out of a car and put on his best salesman smile.

“Hey, how’d you know I was going to be here today!” the sergeant said with an affable Carolina drawl, as if greeting an old friend. “I’m going to help put you in the Army!”

The Army might miss out on its recruitment objective for 2022 by 25%, Army Gen. Joseph Martin, vice chief of personnel for the Army, informed The Associated Press. Predicted end strength, the overall size of the Army consisting of active and reserve parts, is set to decrease by 10,000 soldiers this year and by an extra 14,000 to 21,000 in 2023.

“Do we lower standards to meet end strength, or do we lower end strength to maintain a quality, professional force? We believe the answer is obvious—quality is more important than quantity,” Lt. Col. Randee Farrell, spokeswoman for Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, told the AP.

The report stated that with most of the current fiscal year already gone, the Army has actually just satisfied 50% of its recruitment objectives.

Dr. Mark T. Esper, Secretary of Defense throughout the Trump administration, stated that this was “a major issue affecting all the armed services.”

“The answer is NOT lower standards; quality must be paramount,” he wrote on Twitter. “Rather, we need a sustained effort by America’s leaders to inspire our youth to serve. … This is a growing national security issue!”

More details of this report from The Daily Wire:

Martin tried to suggest that “competition with private companies” was a significant factor in the military’s recruiting struggles and said that if the trend is not reversed, the military would have to reconfigure things to be able to meet the challenges that it faces on the battlefield.

Top political commentators responded to the report by suggesting that the wokeness that has spread in the armed services under Biden has played a major factor in people not wanting to join.

“Maybe it’s better having a country that inspires patriots to defend it, rather than one that makes them want to throw up,” national security expert Dave Reaboi tweeted.

Political strategist Arthur Schwartz responded to the report by writing: “More pronouns, less recruits.”

The U.S. military has increasingly pushed LGBTQ ideas since Biden took office. Days before being sworn into office, Biden tapped transgender four-star Admiral Rachel Levine to be the Department of Health and Human Services assistant secretary for health. Levine became the first transgender federal official confirmed by the Senate.

In May 2021, the Army targeted recruits with an LGBTQ animated ad that shows a child of two mothers grow up “defending freedom” by marching in Pride parades before joining the U.S. Army to “shatter stereotypes.”

Just last month, the U.S. Marines and U.S. Air Force joined the “Pride Month” virtue signaling with tweets celebrating LGBTQ lifestyles.

H/T: Patriot Nation Press, TheDailyWire, YahooNews, Associated Press

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