Breaking News: Judge Rules AGAINST Trump and Team

In the battleground state of Wisconsin, a judge has ruled against President Donald Trump’s attempt to get 221,000 votes invalidated in the state.

Trump Takes on Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

President Trump and his team requested there be a recount and their lawsuit wanted to throw out votes in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

As mass voter fraud took the country by storm in the 2020 presidential elections, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are still battling over the presidency.


The president due to the counties in dispute that there was voter fraud and that the election laws in Wisconsin were not followed. 

A Disappointing Ruling by a Judge

On Friday, Judge Stephen Simanek ruled that the counties followed the laws correctly and even praised them for what he said was the state’s transparency in doing a recount of the votes.

Is this true? According to President Trump, it is not.


“The real dispute here is whether or not there were erroneous interpretations of law used in the recount involved in whether the ballots should be counted or not counted,” Simanek said, adding that “the court is satisfied” that Wisconsin correctly interpreted those laws.

“The bottom line here is that the court should do everything to ensure the will of the voters prevails,” Simanek continued.

The President is Not Giving Up

President Trump is not done fighting for Wisconsin yet.

According to WJTV:

Trump planned to quickly appeal the ruling to the Conservative-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court, even though his chances there appear to be slim. Trump also has a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin where the judge could rule as soon as Friday.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court court previously refused to hear Trump’s state case before it went through the lower courts. A majority of justices have also openly questioned whether disqualifying the ballots, as Trump wants, would be appropriate.

Trump has urged lower court judges to rule quickly in the cases so he can file appeals before the Electoral College meets on Monday and casts Wisconsin’s 10 votes for Biden. That set up the possibility of a rare weekend ruling from the state Supreme Court.

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