Blue State Forcing Small Business Owners to Bend the Knee to Gender BS

It’s no surprise that the deep blue state of California would try to shove non-binary bull crap down the throats of business owners, big and small. Thanks to two state assembly members, retailers will be forced to provide “gender-neutral” departments.

Gender bending won’t be popular

Though the basis of the issue is a valid one, even liberals aren’t so sure that forcing radical gender bending viewpoints on the masses is the right way to go about solving the problem. According to gender studies Law Professor Marisa Chincharoolo, “I think it’s a very well-intentioned bill.” But wait, there’s more.

“I think there are more effective, more consensus-building ways to achieve progressive values than this type of legislation that says we are just gonna penalize anyone who doesn’t agree with those values.” The blowback is expected to be nuclear.

There’s really no reason why Barbie can’t sit next to GI Joe on the shelf in the toy department. The main reason certain toys are grouped together is tradition because it’s always been that way and part to make it easier to find the things you’re looking for.

Just because the rockets and the easy bake ovens are a couple shelves away from each other doesn’t mean that any child can’t buy and play with either one. In California, that’s gender discrimination.

California Assembly Members Evan Low and Cristina Garcia demand gender-neutral retail departments. They plan to force “more tolerance and open-mindedness in parents and children.” Non-compliance gets a fine of $1,000.

Not only toys are to be desegregated. “The bill would apply to departments that sell childcare items, children’s clothing or toys.”

Why not combine it?

One California shopper likes the idea of eliminating gender distinctions in the toy department. “There’s girls who like to play with boy things and boys who like to play with girl things and people who are nonbinary, so why not combine it all?” Mostly because binary people like it that way.

“Let kids play with whatever they want to, and it would also just be easier to find everything if it’s combined into one,” shopper Edith Ismail believes. Others say it will make it harder to find the things they are looking for.

The entire controversy started when an 8-year-old girl named Britten wanted to know “why store departments were separated by gender.” Her responsible adults couldn’t simply answer that.

Instead they decided to grab their 15 minutes of fame and make a federal case out of it. “Her bill will help children express themselves freely and without bias. We need to let kids be kids,” bill sponsor Evan Low asserts.

On the flip side of that are parents who say we need to let boys be boys and let girls be girls. Without bringing religion into it, basic biology proves that the species has two and only two models. What people decide to do to modify their standard equipment has no effect on the way it works for others.

Gender preferences are generally a function of the underlying biology but when psychological factors override the biological drives, nothing is stopping a boy from buying a Barbie Doll or a girl from being decked out like Rambo. Things are easier to find when you look for things in the section you identify with, than trying to find it in a hodgepodge jumble with no organization.

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