Stacey Abrams Under Investigation!

ICYMI – Georgia’s secretary of state has officially launched an investigation into the “financial irregularities” affiliated with a Stacy Abrams charity.

This latest development comes after other financial misconduct by past executives of the charity, called the New Georgia Project.

Additionally, both accounting and legal professionals have raised concerns about the legality of the nonprofit charity’s tax filings.

As the investigation continues to progress, subpoenas are expected to be issued to entities linked to the charity by the state.

In December 2022, the New Georgia Project was accused of violating state charity laws in multiple states, as the nonprofit allegedly failed to properly register as a charity as well as file necessary financial disclosures.

The lack of transparency coupled with potential misuse of funds has gathered the attention of many critics.

This latest probe comes after the Washington Free Beacon reported on the previous alleged financial misconduct:

Founded by Abrams in 2013, the New Georgia Project quickly rose to become one of the nation’s leading voter registration groups. Together the New Georgia Project and its affiliated New Georgia Project Action Fund raised a combined $54.7 million since 2020.

“The Free Beacon found myriad discrepancies in the New Georgia Project’s financial disclosures. Among those discrepancies include a mysterious half-million-dollar consulting payment to a charity run in part by the brother of former New Georgia Project CEO Nsé Ufot, who was later fired for undisclosed reasons.

The New Georgia Project also reported that it paid zero payroll taxes in 2020, an impossibility barring extensive criminal conduct. A spokesman for the Georgia attorney general declined to comment.

Georgia’s secretary of state opened its investigation into the charity amid a separate long-running case by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission alleging that the voter registration group illegally worked to elect Abrams during her failed 2018 gubernatorial bid.”

Abrams is no stranger to scandal…and despite that, she has indicated that she is likely to run for political leadership again.

During her 2018 campaign, she raised $100 million in donations which mainly came from liberal donors outside the state of Georgia.

Ironically, however, Abrams still holds outstanding debt to the tune of $1 million that she owes to vendors and contractors.



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