Merrick Garland SET THEM ALL FREE…

Once again, Democrats are looking out for criminals rather than law-abiding citizens.

The latest case is Merrick Garland caving to some far-left Democrats.

In doing so, Garland is agreeing to allow prisoners put on home confinement to stay there even though the COVID emergency is now over.

Stay Home

Rather than call all those prisoners back to prison, the DOJ is literally worried about upsetting these criminals and their families.

So, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) director has been authorized to evaluate these cases and make a decision as to whether they return to prison, but I think we all know how this works out.

The DOJ stated, “The Department has concluded that the most reasonable interpretation of the CARES Act permits the Bureau to continue to make individualized determinations about the conditions of confinement for inmates placed in home confinement under the CARES Act, as it does with respect to all prisoners, following the end of the covered emergency period.”

The new rule states, “Inmates and their families have sought assurance that those already in home confinement will not be abruptly returned to secure custody after the end of the covered emergency period.

“The Department remains sensitive to these concerns and agrees with the expressions of support from some Members of Congress for expanding the use of home confinement based on the needs of individual offenders.”

It has also come to light that these so-called prisoners have been permitted to leave their homes for certain reasons, such as a job.

So, basically, even though they are supposed to be in prison, they are now leading a normal life, only they have to come home right after work.

Source: Fox News

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