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Special Counsel Jack Smith DENIAL…

There is a new twist to the Trump case brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

After the trial dates were set, the media asked for access to live broadcast the trial.

Recently, Trump’s attorneys also asked for this request, but Special Counsel Jack Smith is now speaking out against it.


This is a federal trial, which is typically forbidden from having cameras in the courtroom.

This being an unprecedented situation, however, the American people would love to see this trial happen in real-time rather than rely on the media to tell us what is happening.

Trump’s legal team argued, “These proceedings should be fully televised so that the American public can see firsthand that this case, just like others, is nothing more than a dreamt-up unconstitutional charade that should never be allowed to happen again.”

The media would love to see it broadcast as well because it would surely be a ratings boom.

Smith, however, believes it would turn the entire trial into a circus, as Trump and his attorneys would likely be playing to the cameras for public empathy.

Smith argued, “The Court should decline the defendant’s ‘demand’ … that he be placed beyond the rules and above the law.

“And it should avoid the spectacle—and attendant risks of witness intimidation—that the longstanding rules against courtroom broadcasting are designed to avoid.”

This could go either way, but the courts have not been friendly to Trump thus far, so we are not expecting him to win this motion.

Source: Washington Examiner

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