U.S. Military Absolutely Obliterates Iran Militants

The United States just exacted some revenge. On Tuesday, November 21, the U.S. military launched a massive counterstrike against Iran-backed militants thanks to the use of an AC-130 gunship which resulted in multiple enemy casualties and left eight U.S. service members injured. This incident came after a missile attack on its troops stationed at al-Assad Airbase in Iraq.

his is yet another example of the rising tensions between the United States and Iran-backed militias since their support for Hamas terror attacks against Israel began on October 7th – resulting in 66 missile launches against coalition forces throughout Iraq and Syria.

The Pentagon reports that many of these injuries have been minor, but some soldiers are suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The response to this attack proves that the United States will not stand idly by while its troops face danger abroad, and we must continue to support our brave servicemen and women as they work tirelessly to keep us safe from foreign threats.

An unknown number of terrorists were killed Tuesday after firing upon U.S troops at al-Assad Airbase in Iraq’s western region, which was immediately met with return fire from an AC-130 gunship operated by the American military. According to two Department of Defense officials speaking to ABC News, it is believed multiple terrorists were killed in the counterstrike – while 8 US service members were wounded or injured due to the initial missile attack from Iran’s militia group.

This incident reflects an increasingly tense relationship between America and Iranian forces since their backing of Hamas’ terror attacks against Israel began on Oct 7th – resulting in a total of 66 missile strikes aimed at coalition forces located throughout Iraq and Syria since then alone.

As such , it’s encouraging that our armed forces remain steadfastly vigilant and resilient despite potential dangers posed by hostile actors from overseas.

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